Can You Use a JBL Speaker While It’s Charging?

Wondering if you can use your JBL speaker while it’s charging? Most JBL speakers can run up to 12 hours and they take a long time to recharge. Typically, they require 3 to 4 hours and that’s too long for a music lover. Therefore, they often wonder and ask if they can play the speaker while it’s charging or not.

You can normally use speakers while they are charging, let’s see what the JBL’s case is.

Can You Use JBL While the Speaker It’s Charging?

Yes, you can use your JBL speaker while it’s charging, there is no harm in it. It is because when you connect the speaker to a power source, it operates in the same way as a charged speaker. So, if the battery is low, plug it into a reliable power source and continue listening to music. However, if the battery is too low, it is suggested to charge it a little without turning it on. The only problem you would face is that it would take longer to charge.

Should You Use a JBL Speaker While It’s Charging?

You can use a JBL speaker while it’s charging but it’s not recommended for extended periods. Whether it’s a speaker or any other battery-operated device, they generate excessive heat while recharging. So, using the speaker or any other device while it’s charging degrades the battery or damages it over time.

You should only use the speaker while it’s charging when there is a desperate need. For example, if you are watching a movie and do not want any interruption.

You can also use the speaker while charging when you have to do an important business conference call. In the rest of the situations, it’s better to let the speaker charge.

Tips for Using JBL Speaker While Charging

If you often have to use a JBL speaker while it’s charging, here are some tips you have to follow.

Use the high-quality charging cable

To protect your battery from any sort of damage, use a high-quality charging cable. Generally, the charging cable that comes with the speaker is of high quality. However, if it gets damaged and you have to use some other cable, make sure it’s not of low quality.

Do not overcharge

While using speakers on charging, we often end up overcharging them. Therefore, you should try to plug it off as soon as it’s fully charged. Overcharging seems harmless but it reduces the battery’s lifespan.

Don’t use it while the speaker is wet

Most of the JBL speakers are waterproof, we do not have to worry about water splashes normally. However, before using the speaker while on a charge, it should not be wet. Otherwise, the person using the speaker can get hurt.


Yes, you can use a JBL speaker while charging when there is a need. However, it is better to avoid it because it degrades the battery over time. So, the speaker can expire before the suggested period and you will have to find a replacement.

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