SVS Ultra Bookshelf Speakers Review

Do you know what’s the newest sensation in the bookshelf world? Without a doubt, SVS’s Ultra series’ bookshelf speaker. SVS is a well-trusted brand that has been serving us for decades now. Since this is one of my favorite speaker brands, I have been following it for quite some years. What I have judged is the said speaker manufacturing company is tirelessly improving its crafts.

As the ultra-series was not introduced long ago, it is the result of years of continuous hard work, failures, and experiments. Therefore, it is quite believable that these bookshelf speakers are worthy of consideration.

The SVS ultra bookshelf speaker is not that expensive but it can not be said to be cheap either.

Everyone’s needs and preferences are different. So, it’s better to know all the pros and cons of these speakers before hitting an order button.

About SVS Ultra Speaker Series

SVS has been around for decades, however, the Ultra series was launched to rule our hearts in 2012.

The purpose of launching this line was to rule the hearts with the speakers that handle all audio duties of a theater, not just the bass.

This speaker line won millions of hearts within a few months of its launch. Seeing the popularity and the hype, I could not resist trying a few bookshelf speakers of this series. Here are my thoughts.

Appearance, size, and weight

Like every member of the Ultra-series, the bookshelf speaker is also solidly built. If we take a step back and stare for a while, the speakers look pretty old school. However, the speaker does not need to have a “very” impressive design. It is rather required to sound good.

To be honest, I bought these speakers mainly for their sound quality. The design and overall appearance did not impress me much.

The SVS ultra bookshelf comes in two finishes. One is named gloss black whereas the other is black oak.

I do not like speakers with glossy finish, therefore, I went for the black oak one. The glossy black ultra bookshelf speakers are glossier than the regular speaker.

Moreover, it has a visible wooden pattern which makes the speaker look more unique.

The difference only lies in the cabinet, the height, width, and the rest are more or less the same.

They are far bigger and heavier than standard-sized bookshelf speakers. The package, when it arrived, weighed 19 pounds. Whereas, the regular modern bookshelf speaker usually weighs up to 11 pounds.

Therefore, if you are planning to get these speakers for any reason, have enough space and someone to help you in mounting them to perfection.

Mounting type

The bookshelf speakers are normally meant to be kept on any elevated surface, shelf, or table. However, the SVS ultra bookshelf speakers are an exception.

Due to their large size and bulkiness, these speakers can not be kept on the table, shelf, or any elevated surface of your choice.

They are more like floor-standing speakers. Therefore, you have to purchase a good quality speaker stand. I have recently reviewed a few best speaker stands, you can go check that post out to find a quality stand.

Sound quality

When it comes to sound quality, the speakers have left so many music lovers shocked/amazed, and a few disappointed.

It is not because the sound quality of these speakers is not satisfactory enough. Again, everyone’s preferences are different.

The sound produced is natural, which is quite hard to find in speakers these days. Like most of the bookshelf speakers out there, they require a few hours to a day to break in. As time passes, the sound gets natural and natural and the highs cleaner.

To be honest, I used these speakers without any aid for a long time. A friend of mine suggested that I should try connecting these speakers to a subwoofer.

This worked for me surprisingly well, the sound quality of these speakers got improved by one hundred and ten percent. One more thing, these bookshelf speakers produce ample bass, with or without any external aid.


What I judged from using these speakers is that they are not made keeping any specific purpose in mind.

The speakers are not made for any specific purpose and are usually versatile enough to be used for all sorts of needs.

The same is the case with these speakers. So far, I have only used them for home theater and regular music needs.

They have served me well. However, I have a feeling that the speakers would work well for gaming as well.


These bookshelf speakers are not that expensive. The gloss black and black oak are offered at different prices.

The gloss black version is more expensive, they are being sold at $1,199. Whereas, the one that I own(black oak) is only $879.00.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are SVS ultra bookshelf speakers any good?

Yes, SVS ultra bookshelf speakers are super good. They have the most natural sound and produce ample bass. Furthermore, these speakers are durable as well.

Does SVS make good speakers?

Yes, SVS makes “really” good speakers. The speakers produced by this brand produce ample bass, deliver a good amount of treble, and clear and crisp sound.

Where are SVS ultra speakers made?

Most people think SVS ultra speakers are made in the USA. However, these speakers are “actually” made in the People’s Republic of China.

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