Sony SSCS8 Center Review

While you may believe that your home theater sound setup is complete, adding a center channel speaker is always worth it. If you plan on investing in a center channel speaker, it is wise to consider the Sony SSCS8 center channel speaker that’s getting all the hype.

Sony, being a top brand, boasts a few amazingly sounding audio devices and home theater systems.

Without a doubt, the Sony SSCS8 2-Way 3-Driver center channel speaker improves the acoustics dramatically. Since I have personally used this center speaker, this review will help you decide if it is worth the investment.

Sony SSCS8 Center Review

It has been a while since I am searching for the best center channel speaker to complete the home theater sound systems.

After trying a couple of center channel speakers, I have decided to give it a shot. At such a reasonable price, I was concerned that it might not provide the audio quality I seek.

To my surprise, it packs a punch, utmost audio clarity, and heart-warming deep bass.

I witnessed great improvement in dialogue delivery and certain sound effects when watching movies.

For those of you who do not know, this review would be of great help to determine if it fits the bill. Let’s start this review with the packaging

Features of Sony SSCS8 Center

I got my center speaker without any prolonged delay. It was delivered to the location within 4 days of placing the order.

For buyers who want the center speaker immediately, they can pick faster delivery to have it delivered the next day.

It came in a sturdy cardboard box which was intact when delivered. I was concerned about the packaging and whether or not it comes with protective foam.

Fortunately, it was packed with protective foam, hence, no internal components were damaged.

I hurriedly opened the packaging as I have been waiting anxiously to get this order. As I took the speaker out of the box, I realized it has a larger footprint than I imagined.

Sound Quality

As I stated earlier, my home surround system was missing a good-sounding center channel speaker.

The moment I connected it to my existing sound system, I could not be happier about the sound quality.

I believe I should have added it sooner. Well, better late than never, I recommend you invest in this speaker if you want movie theater-like quality.

The moment I played the sound, I could observe a clear difference, and the dialogues were super clear.

The audio went from tight and thin to louder and richer in a few seconds. The 2-way 3-driver center speaker is equipped with a dual 4″ foamed-mica reinforced woofer and wide-dispersion 1″ super tweeter to offer better audio quality. It handles 145W of peak power, therefore, you can expect louder output.

Having a woofer and a tweeter allows it to reproduce high-end and low-end frequencies.

Tweeter is responsible for high-end tones and dual woofers take care of the low-ends.

Considering its price, it is safe to say that the speaker has realistic audio, not too dull or overpowering.

Sony SSCS8 Center

Bass Production

While I am not into bass-heavy music, I still would want the speaker to produce adequate bass.

As mentioned earlier, it features dual woofers for reproducing powerful bass and creating an expansive soundstage.

If you are listening to music, it will give a solid performance by delivering powerful bass.

Wide-Dispersion Super Tweeter

Since the dual woofers are busy handling lower frequencies, the 1″ super tweeter reproduces high-end frequency response efficiently.

Like me, you would also be surprised to know that it covers a wide frequency range, from 55Hz to 25KHz.


I wish it had a small footprint. Not that it is gigantic but it is a bit bigger and wider than a soundbar.

It measures 16.93 W x 5.75 H x 8.66 D inches and weighs 11.02 lbs. With that said, it is not extremely bulky or unreasonably tall that it would not fit smaller rooms.

Now that you know its size and weight, it would be easier for people to assess if it could fit on the shelf under the TV or on a computer desk.


Right now, it is priced at $168 and some used Sony SSCS8 speakers are available for under $100. No matter how low the price is for used speakers, I would not advise you to risk it. It’s one of the best center channel speakers under 300.

With the new model, you will be confident that it will produce good sound in the long run. The same can not be said for the used models, you might end up with a speaker with a major defect.

If you are short on money right now, wait a little more for it to be on sale. I picked it up on sale and got an amazing discount. It was most definitely worth the wait. When on sale, the prices are often reduced considerably.


Here, the Sony SSCS8 speaker falls short. It is only backed by a 6-month warranty. I believe that the manufacturer should have provided buyers with at least 1-year warranty.


Not Perfect For Music Listening – These speakers are tailor-made for enhancing your experience while watching movies or TV. However, if you use speakers for music, look for other speaker models. A little tip for readers, it will perform admirably with music if you add a subwoofer.


  • Amazing sound profiling
  • One super tweeter and two woofers
  • Wide frequency response
  • Mica-reinforced drivers for deeper bass response
  • Enhances the gaming and movie-viewing experience


  • Only suitable for regular use
  • A bit larger than a soundbar


In my opinion, it is a good speaker for home theater, however, Sony SSCS8 has musical limitations.

After attaching it to the surround sound system, the difference is instantly noticeable. These speakers most definitely offer value for money and produce amazingly-good sound.

It would be a good option if you have budget restraints and intend to use them as regular speakers. Not to mention, tweaking some settings and adding a subwoofer will improve the overall audio.

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