ScreenX Vs Dolby: In-Depth Comparison

Here for the ScreenX vs Dolby showdown? ScreenX and Dolby Cinema are popular premium film formats providing a special moviegoing experience. Going to the movies is not as straightforward as it used to be. With so many formats available, it is tricky to decide which one is worth the price.

Both ScreenX and Dolby Cinema deliver an immersive visual experience thanks to advanced technologies.

None of the two formats disappoint viewers when it comes to a magical movie-watching experience. There are plenty of differences and similarities between the two formats, read on to know more.

ScreenX Vs Dolby

The main difference between Dolby and ScreenX is the film format. Moreover, both film formats project images differently on the screen. ScreenX theaters utilize three projection screens to project a larger-than-life image.

On the other hand, Dolby Cinema is giving tough competition to popular film formats like IMAX. Since it was not long before ScreenX was first launched, still, many movie buffs do not know about this premium format. Unlike Dolby Cinema and IMAX, these theaters are only available in a few countries.

Dolby Cinema

Dolby Cinema

Introduced by Dolby Laboratories, Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos technologies are combined to provide a realistic and immersive cinematic experience.

With the combination of such advanced technologies, it provides an unrivaled experience for moviegoers.

It uses dual 4K laser projectors and supports HDR for the projection of images with utmost clarity.

Moreover, the core technology, Dolby Vision offers 10,000 nits brightness, 8K resolution, and 12-bit color support. In addition, Dolby Atmos provides a loud, crisp, and realistic sound.



What sets ScreenX apart from the other film formats is that the viewer would get to enjoy three-screen viewing. With a 270-degree field of view, it makes the picture appear more immersive and realistic.

Launched in 2015, it is similar to IMAX in many ways and does a good job of transporting the viewer to another world.

Difference Between Dolby Cinema and ScreenX

Let’s find out the difference between the ScreenX and Dolby Cinema

Projection Screen

First and foremost, what truly makes them different is the projection screen count and the design.

Dolby Cinema has only one projection screen and has an aspect ratio of 2.40:1, similar to standard, digital, and other formats.

On the other hand, Dolby Cinema leaves behind IMAX and other popular film formats when displaying an immersive picture.

With three panoramic screens, the viewer gets to see the main picture as well as the additional footage to add more details.

The middle screen is similar to the standard film format and displays the main image while the side screens allow the audience to view ‘off-screen’ effects.


Dolby Cinema was launched one year prior to ScreenX, in this short time, the company has managed to install 250 Dolby Cinemas in 90 countries.

In comparison, installing ScreenX theaters require some major changes to the building design, therefore, these theaters are only available in about 38 countries.

Projection Method

Dolby Cinema uses two laser projectors, each with native 4K resolution to project a vivid, sharp, and bright image for an ultra-premium experience.

It is hard to compare the projection type of these formats as the projection method of ScreenX is unique compared to other formats.

It uses five projectors to project three images simultaneously, one projector for displaying the main image and four projectors for projecting images on the side screen.

Sound System

The Dolby Atmos system is used to enhance the audio quality to complement the visuals. Speakers are installed in different areas of the auditorium to make sure every viewer hears loud and clear audio. Go for detailed comparison of Dolby Cinema Vs Standard

Comparably, ScreenX does not have an advanced or special sound system like Dolby Atmos. The audio produced by ScreenX is similar to the standard format as the main focus is on immersive watch effects.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is ScreenX any Good?

The answer to this question depends on the preferences of the cinema-goers, some viewers praise the immersive experience while others find it distracting that takes the focus away from the main image.

Is there anything better than Dolby Cinema?

Most viewers prefer Dolby Cinema due to its image resolution, exceptional sound quality, and luxurious seating arrangements. In the 3D and projection size arena, IMAX takes the lead, however, Dolby provides an unmatched 2D film viewing experience.

What’s Better ScreenX and Dolby?

Dolby Cinema has been the first choice for the moviegoing experience because of its exceptional audio-visual quality. However, if you want an immersive experience, grab a ticket for ScreenX.


In this debate of ScreenX vs Dolby, Dolby Cinema is leading the charge. There is no major fault with the ScreenX movie format, however, the viewers prefer the audio-visual experience provided by Dolby Cinema. It is worth watching a movie at ScreenX at least once as this format will amaze you with its immersive projection.

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