Sanyun SW208 Review: Bookshelf Speakers

Been searching for affordable bookshelf speakers? You must be exploring a lot of options. There are a lot of bookshelf speakers, however, the one that I bought when I needed an affordable speaker is Sanyun Saw208.

I purchased these speakers months ago, so can finally conclude whether it was a good choice or not. Here is my detailed honest review on these bookshelf speakers.

Sanyun SW208 Bookshelf Speaker Review

Before going into details, I would like to confess here that my first impression of the speakers was not that good.

It is probably because my expectations were way too high. So, what happened is the package arrived easier than I expected.

I have heard and read online that for some people, it took longer than 3 to 5 working days. Therefore, I was quite happy to find it on my doorstep earlier than the expected date.

However, what immediately disappointed me a little was the size of the box. Frankly, I expected these speakers to be of standard size.

They are a bit smaller than the standard-sized bookshelf speakers. As soon as I opened the box, there was no top and side foam protective cover.

Almost all speakers I bought so far come well-packed with foam covers. Therefore, I was again a little disappointed but a bit happy as well this time the speakers reached safe and sound.

The speakers were tightly packed in the cardboard box. I carefully had to turn the box upside down to take the pair of these bookshelf speakers out.

So, this was my first impression. The first impression might not be that good however, you would be surprised to know that these speakers have won my heart for several reasons.

Appearance, size, and weight

The Sanyun SW208 is available in a lot of colors. I bought and have been using the all-black bookshelf speakers. I can’t “really” say much about the other colors, however, the all-black Sanyun SW208 looks super cool.

It blended into the environment of my house quite well. As per the manufacturer, these bookshelf speakers are made of wood.

Most bookshelf speakers, even today, are still made of wood. What makes these speakers superior to the rest is the premium matt finish.

Though, everything about these speakers is great. However, still what I love the most about these speakers is the slightly round edges. Since I own a lot of speakers, most of them have sharp edges.

I have to be super careful around them. This pair is super forgiving, you don’t have to constantly worry about getting hurt.

As stated above, these bookshelf speakers are not that big. The measurements I took the other day were (7.48x 4.68x 5.35 inches).

Therefore, they did not take much of my space, they would require more from you as well.

As far as the weight is concerned, these speakers are pretty lightweight. The whole package was about 5.22 pounds.

The secret lies in the material used in manufacturing these speakers to perfection.

Carbon fiber is known as a high-strength and low-weight material. It makes these speakers super lightweight and easy to carry.

Sanyun SW208 placement


The Sanyun SW208 happens to be a pair of active bookshelf speakers. Most of my readers might not know there are two types of bookshelf speakers: active and passive.

You would be surprised to know that active and passive speakers vary in sound quality and flexibility.

The active speakers come with a built-in amplifier whereas, the passive ones need to be connected to an external amplifier to fulfill their needs.

People usually prefer purchasing passive speakers because they can be upgraded without any hassle. However, I like my bookshelf speakers to be active.

The reason is I don’t have to find and pay extra for a compatible external amplifier. They already have a suitable amplifier.

Above all, the active speakers sound a lot better than the passive ones. Since the Sanyun SW208 is an active speaker it has all the qualities of active speakers.

It is one of the few major reasons why I love these speakers so much.

Sound quality

These speakers are small but mightier than you can imagine. I have noticed the sound produced by these speakers to be super clean and warm.

They have thick medium, powerful lows, and super bright highs. However, the bass is not that impressive.

This is not an issue for me, I’m fine with low bass. You would only have a problem with these speakers when you require a powerful bass.


Wattage is one of the few things that determine the quality of the speakers. These are 60 watts speakers.

As per the experts, the 50 watts bookshelf speakers are pretty decent to meet the unprofessional needs.


These bookshelf speakers are super forgiving; they give you a variety of choices when it comes to connectivity.

What I mean to say here is that the pair of these speakers support both wired and wireless speakers. Therefore, you do not need to own either all wired or wireless devices to connect the speakers.

All your favorite devices can be connected to these bookshelf speakers via Bluetooth, USB-A, or 3.5mm AUX.

It’s a little hard to find a speaker that supports both wireless and wired connections. So, it’s quite amazing.


Unfortunately, the speakers do not come with remote control. The volume, treble, and bass can only be controlled only through control knobs. These knobs are placed on the right side of these speakers.


These bookshelf speakers under 2000 are super economical. You neither have to save for months nor break your piggy bank to purchase them.

The pair is currently being sold for $62.01. However, the quality is much more improved than the other speakers of the same price. There are only 4 Sanyun SW208 speakers in stock.

If want an affordable speaker that does not make you compromise on quality, grab them asap.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Sanyun a good speaker brand?

Yes, Sanyun is a good speaker brand. The speakers produced by this brand have harmonious designs and unmatchable sound quality. Moreover, the sanyun speakers are durable as well.

Which Sanyun bookshelf speaker is good?

It’s hard to pick one Sanyun bookshelf speaker as there are a lot of good options. I have tried and tested a few but my favorite remains the Sanyun SW208.

Is Sanyun SW208 any good?

Sanyun SW208 is a pretty good bookshelf speaker. It is durable and has the best sound quality. More specifically, the sound is warm and has a thick medium, powerful low, and bright highs.

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