Q Acoustics 3010 vs 3010i : In Depth Comparison

Q Acoustics is renowned for producing high-quality bookshelf speakers that offer impressive sound performance and value for money. The Q Acoustics 3010 and 3010i are part of their 3000 series, each designed to cater to different audiophile preferences. Let’s delve into an in-depth comparison of the two models to understand their similarities and differences.

Design and Build

Both the Q Acoustics 3010 and 3010i share a similar compact design, making them suitable for bookshelf placement or stand-mounting. However, the 3010i benefits from a 25% larger cabinet size compared to the 3010, which allows for a more substantial sound and improved bass response.

Additionally, the 3010i features low-profile binding posts and recessed cut-outs, reducing cabinet noise and enabling easy shelf or stand mounting.

Q Acoustics 3010i

Tweeter and Driver Technology

The Q Acoustics 3010 boasts a “clever new tweeter and drive unit,” while the 3010i has a 0.9″ decoupled high-frequency driver with a wide surround.

The 3010’s “New Ring Dome tweeter” aims to deliver an open soundstage and precise music reproduction, allowing subtle nuances to be heard. O

n the other hand, the 3010i’s 0.9″ decoupled high-frequency driver enhances stereo imaging with wide dispersion, resulting in a broader and more immersive sound experience.

Woofer Cone

The Q Acoustics 3010 incorporates an Aramid fiber/paper woofer cone, which is lightweight and rigid, contributing to the speaker’s punchy and agile sound quality.

In contrast, the 3010i’s woofer specifications are not explicitly mentioned in the provided information. However, it is reasonable to assume that Q Acoustics has also upgraded the woofer technology to complement the larger cabinet size for improved bass response.

Sound Performance

Thanks to the larger cabinet and advanced tweeter and driver technology, the Q Acoustics 3010i is expected to offer a more expansive soundstage with better bass extension compared to the 3010.

The enhanced stereo imaging and wide dispersion of the 3010i contribute to a more immersive listening experience, making it ideal for both music enthusiasts and home cinema setups.

Internal Bracing

One notable improvement in the Q Acoustics 3010i is the introduction of P2P (Point-to-Point) bracing, a computer-aided internal bracing system.

This structural enhancement significantly improves the speaker’s enclosure’s rigidity and reduces internal vibrations, leading to quieter cabinet operation, enhanced focus in the stereo image, and more accurate sound staging.

Technical Specifications

Both the Q Acoustics 3010 and 3010i are 2-way reflex speakers with a 4″ bass driver. While the 3010i’s tweeter size is explicitly mentioned (0.9″), the 3010’s tweeter specifications are not provided in the given information.

Both models have a frequency response range of 65 Hz to 30 kHz, making them suitable for reproducing a wide range of frequencies. The impedance of the 3010i is 6 Ohms (minimum 4 Ohms), while the 3010’s impedance is not specified.

Included Accessories

The Q Acoustics 3010i comes with several accessories, including foam bungs, speaker grilles, a user manual, pair handling gloves, and rubber speaker grips. However, the specific accessories included with the Q Acoustics 3010 are not mentioned in the provided information.

Price and Value:

Since the Q Acoustics 3010i offers several improvements over the 3010, including a larger cabinet, enhanced tweeter and driver technology, P2P bracing, and included accessories, it is likely to be priced higher. However, the value provided by both models will depend on individual preferences and budget considerations.

My Experience with Q Acoustics 3010i

I have spent almost 3 months with Q Acoustics 3010i bookshelf speakers in my home theater . Throughout this period, I tried many experiments, such as adjusting speaker placement, subwoofer volume, and electronic settings, to fine-tune the audio experience. I must say that when paired with a subwoofer, these speakers have proven to be everything I need for both music and video playback in my home theater application.

Are they the absolute best speakers I have ever encountered? Probably not. However, I highly recommend auditioning them before making a purchase decision, as they have undoubtedly impressed me with their quality sound output and overall performance based on my experience.

In the initial update, I compared the Q Acoustics 3010i to my Polk ES15 speakers in another room, where I found a mild preference for the Polks in the mid-to-upper bass range. It’s worth noting that this frequency range is heavily influenced by room acoustics, and the room where I have the 3010i speakers set up is acoustically challenged with its small size, off-center speaker placement along a long wall, and the listening position near the back wall.

I have not employed any sophisticated equalization tools, but I believe that with more effort and room adjustments, the sound from the 3010i speakers could be further enhanced.

When I stop analyzing and simply immerse myself in the music, the Q Acoustics 3010i speakers offer a fine, detailed, and natural sound with excellent presence. I’m genuinely pleased with their performance.

Regarding their physical attributes, the speakers appear quite appealing and are smaller than I initially imagined.

The bass response is commendable for their size, although they certainly benefit from the support of a subwoofer, particularly if you enjoy deep-bass-heavy music or intend to use them for home theater purposes.

In conclusion, the Q Acoustics 3010i bookshelf speakers have proven to be a satisfying upgrade for my home theater setup.

They offer detailed and natural sound with excellent presence, and their value is even more apparent when acquired at a discounted price.

Depending on your specific requirements, these speakers can be a worthy choice. However, as with any audio equipment, there is no substitute for experiencing their sound firsthand, ideally in the environment where you intend to use them.


In conclusion, the Q Acoustics 3010i is an evolution of the already impressive Q Acoustics 3010. With its larger cabinet, improved tweeter and driver technology, and P2P bracing, the 3010i is expected to offer a more immersive and refined sound experience. While the 3010 remains a solid performer with its clever tweeter and woofer cone design, the 3010i presents itself as a compelling choice for audiophiles seeking enhanced sound quality and a broader soundstage. Ultimately, the decision between the two models will come down to individual preferences, budget constraints, and specific listening requirements.

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