Pro Center 2000 Review

Ever since people started building a home theater in homes, the center channel speakers have become a necessity. A home theater without a good quality center channel speaker just does not make sense.

To enjoy movies to the fullest, a good-quality picture is just not enough. You need to have a better sound as well. Otherwise, you would not be able to hear dialogues properly.

Pro Center 2000 Review

There are a lot of center channel speakers in the market. A few are costly but undoubtedly good for the job as well. However, there is one center channel speaker that’s economical and claimed to deliver dialogues as well as expensive options.

Guessed it? Yes, it’s the Definitive Technology Pro Center 2000. I have recently bought and tested this speaker, and here’s my honest review.


As you can judge from the name, the Definitive Technology pro center 2000 is a center channel speaker.

It is the main speaker in the surround sound setup that delivers about 70% of the dialogue.

Delivery, packaging, and first impression

To be honest, I was super excited for this center channel speaker to arrive. The reason was the speaker I was using as a center channel was not serving the job well.

I tried everything, however, the voices were muddy. Therefore, at last, I gave up and decided to order the Definitive Technology pro center 2000. Generally, anything you order online takes about 3 to 5 working days to arrive. However, it has always happened to me that everything I wait impatiently for takes longer to arrive. So, this center channel speaker took 6 days.

Pro Center 2000

The delivery was delayed because of bad weather. The rest of the orders I placed around that time took a little longer to arrive. Therefore, I assume the company normally delivers on time.

This center channel speaker arrived in a plain cardboard box. Upon opening the cardboard box, I found out there was a user manual, registration card, mounts, and another cardboard box containing the speaker.

The speaker was well-packed. The speaker arrived so clean that there wasn’t even a single fingerprint on it.

This surprised and amazed me a little. After examining the speaker in person, I concluded that the center-channel speaker looks more handsome in real life than in the picture.

I was more pleased with the size of the speaker. This is a small-sized center-channel speaker, therefore, it does make your home theater appear crowded. So, my first impression of this center channel speaker was pretty good.

Sound quality

When it comes to the sound quality of this center channel speaker, it truly has it all. The highs, mids, and lows are perfectly crisp and clear. Above all, I have noticed depth in the sound as well.

I have observed most of the center channel speakers deliver clear and crisp sound at high volumes. However, at low volumes, the quality of the sound falls. I have searched for a center channel speaker that sounds insanely good at low volumes as well.

Fortunately, my search has ended. This center channel speaker sounds as good at low volume as it is a high volume.

I felt the difference as soon as the speaker was connected to my home theater system. However, to conclude whether it’s “actually” a good center channel speaker or not, I decide to rewatch a movie.

There were a lot of sounds I could not hear with my previous speakers. Rewatching the movie was more fun as the dialogue was 100% clear. I did not have to focus much or turn on the subtitles to understand anything.

So far, I have only used this speaker 2 or 3 times. Like most speakers, the center channel speakers require some time to deliver optimal sound as well.

The reason is the material that surrounds the woofer takes time to loosen up and make the driver move freely.

I would not be lying if I say this center channel speaker worked for me. If I have to rate the sound quality of this speaker, I would give it 9/10.

Mounting type

I have figured out the speaker is made to mount on the wall. However, it can also be kept on the shelf as well. Since the shelves in my home theater are already full, therefore, I ordered it with the wall mounts.

Wall mounting was a breeze. The speaker is not that big or heavy, therefore, I did not even need any help to mount it to perfection.

It’s important to know that you can order this center channel speaker with or without the wall mounts. However, I would suggest you get with the wall mounts even if you are not planning to mount them on the wall at the moment.

It’s an economical deal. You can keep the wall mount in your drawer and use them at the time of need.


Since this is a center channel speaker, you can only connect to it the home theater system. It can be used to watch movies, but the center channel speaker does not work for music and gaming.

The reason is music sounds better in stereo mode. No matter how good a center channel speaker is, it can not be replaced with any other type of speaker at all.


Fortunately, this speaker comes with a 30-day return, refund, and replacement guarantee.

Everyone’s needs and preferences are different, if this does not work up to your expectation you can get a return and get a refund.

The package contains the registration card and a user manual. Most center channel speakers only come with a user manual, therefore, this one is no exception.


The manufacturer has offered two deals. If you get the center channel speaker alone, he charges you $379. However, if you want to get the speaker and the wall mount as well, you would have to pay up to $438.

Lastly, I would like to say this is a fair deal(even with the wall mounts). The center channel speakers with this clear and crisp sound usually do not cost any less than $500.

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