PreSonus Eris E4.5 Review in 2023

Looking for a budget-friendly multimedia speaker? There is good news and bad news. The bad news is that multimedia speakers are normally quite expensive. It’s pretty hard to find a budget-friendly option. However, PreSonus has something for people with budget issues.

These PreSonus speakers are known as PreSonus Eris E4.5-2-Way. Want to know more about it? I have used these speakers, here are my views on these great bookshelf speakers.

PreSonus Eris E4.5-2-Way 4.5 Review

So, I bought these speakers when I was in desperate need of multimedia speakers but was super low on money. The 3 to 4 days I waited for the speakers were spent dreaming about them. So, by the time the speakers arrived, my hopes were pretty high.

So, what happens is the speakers did arrive within the suggested time. The speakers were packaged well, there were no signs of mishandling. However, as soon as the speakers were taken out I immediately regretted my decision.

The speakers do not look that well-built. So, I texted a friend, and we had a long discussion. The bottom line of the discussion was to give the speakers a chance.


The only thing that I love about these speakers’ appearance is the black matt finish that attracts fingerprints. I’m more into the small-sized curved front with round edges speakers. The speaker neither has a curved front nor round edges. They look more classic.

It’s super important to mention here that these were my thoughts when I had not tried the speakers. Now that these speakers have won my heart, I have no complaints about their appearance as well.

Build quality

Speakers appear lightweight and cheap. However, their build quality is not that poor. The speaker’s cabinets are made of high-quality vinyl laminated fiberboard. The vinyl laminated fiberboard makes the speaker pretty sturdy enough to last several years.

Sound quality

I might have hated the appearance but fell in love with these PreSonus speakers’ sound immediately. The speakers give a very fine neutral response as we expect from such speakers.

They lack warmth and fullness. However, the highs are well-defined and clear, mids are well-rounded which makes the speakers highly suitable for audio mixing and mastering.

The bass is not that deep and powerful but it’s still reasonable for the job. Most of the issues get resolved when we tune the speakers appropriately and place them in the right environment.

if you do not tune and place the studio speakers in the right place, you will never be satisfied with their sound.


These PreSonus speakers come in two different styles. One is Bluetooth speakers and the other ones are wired.


I bought the wireless ones and my friend owns the same wired speakers. Both styles have the same build and sound quality. The only difference is that one comes with Bluetooth and the other does not.


As you can see these are studio speakers. They are good for the same job. The musicians and content creators would only find these speakers useful.

I have also used these speakers a few times for gaming as well. They have served me in gaming quite satisfactorily as well.

Tuning options

What I love the most about these speakers is the number of tuning options. I never expected these speakers to give me so many options. However, they have exceeded my expectations. These small budget monitors allow you to adjust low and high end without any hassle. This control does not just give your flexibility but delivers accuracy and greater results.


These speakers come with all the necessities. If you are planning to use these speakers for content creation, you might not need anything to get from the market. More specifically, the speakers come with stickers, 2 audio wires, a stereo cable, and a studio monitor.


The studio speakers are usually expensive. However, this is a budget-friendly option. As stated above, there are wired and Bluetooth options.

Surprisingly, both speakers are sold at the same price. Whether you choose to get the Bluetooth or the wired speaker, you will be made to pay 259.99. However, if you grab the deal immediately, you will only have to pay $149.99.


After using these PreSonus speakers for about 5 to 6 months, I can say this is a good option but not great. However, it is cheap as well. The studio speakers are normally quite expensive since it is cheap, expecting them to be as great as the costly studio speakers would be nonsense. What I admire about these speakers is that they come with free monitors and all other accessories.

You do not have to purchase them separately. Currently, the speakers are on sale, if you are planning to purchase them be quick in grabbing the discounted deal.

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