Micca RB42 Review in 2023

Been suggested to get the Micca RB42 bookshelf speakers? These are economical but reliable bookshelf speakers. Therefore, whenever your budget is small and you are searching for economical options, Micca RB42 often gets suggested or shortlisted. Want to know whether these speakers are truly worthy of purchase or not? Here is my honest review of these top-rated Micca speakers. 

Micca RB42 Review

  • Appearance: pair comes dressed up in the dark wooden box
  • Sound Quality: Speakers are quite loud and have a truly astonishing bass.
  • Type: The Micca RB42 are passive speakers
  • Bluetooth: The said pair of bookshelf speakers can be connected to compatible devices via wire as well as Bluetooth

To be honest, these speakers took forever to arrive. They truly tested my patience, however, what kept me going was the excellent customer service. For some legitimate reasons, the delivery gets delayed.

It normally does not happen, so if you are planning to place an order for these Micca RB42 speakers do not expect the same to happen to you. They would surely be delivered within 3 to 5 working days. 

When the delivery guy handed it to me, it was a bit heavier than I expected. While taking it to my room and finding a knife to finally open it up, I kept imagining them to be pretty old school. When I broke the seal and opened the cardboard box up, there was another cardboard box. It was sealed as well. For a moment, I thought, is this some kind of a joke? I turned the cardboard box upside down to take out the second cardboard box that contained the speakers.

Broke the seal and boom there was a heavy-duty foam protective cover. I found the two handsome plastic-covered bookshelf speakers beneath the protective foam cover.

There was a heavy-duty protective cover at the bottom of the cardboard box. What I mean to say is that the speakers were well-packed. 

As you know I own a lot of speakers, and I have got a chance to unbox so many speakers. I have found only a few speakers as carefully packaged as this one. Therefore, my first impression was not that bad at all. 

Appearance, size, and weight

These bookshelf speakers do not just sound great, they look super good as well. The pair comes dressed up in the dark wooden box that has a breathtaking silky smooth finish. What I love the most about these speakers is that the wooden pattern can be seen even from a distance. 

Almost all bookshelf speakers available in the market come packed in wooden boxes. However, there are quite a few bookshelf speakers that have visible wood patterns. All the bookshelf speakers I own are heavily painted. However, these look a bit unique and natural. This pair has got well-rounded edges. The bookshelf speakers with round edges are more in demand. It is because they look good and do not hurt as well. 

When it comes to size, these speakers are not that big. However, they are not that small either. As per my measurements, both of these bookshelf speakers are 8.7×4. 9×7. 9 inches.

These speakers are small but a bit heavy. I have not weighed the two separately yet. However, the package weighed 15.57 pounds.

Sound quality 

As soon as I opened the package and got to see how these speakers look, my biggest concern was how they would sound. I had heard they are loud and have a good bass. So, I wanted to know whether this is “actually” true or not. 

This is true. These small-sized speakers are quite loud and have a truly astonishing bass. Their sound is colorful and more fulfilling than I imagined. However, I love these speakers more for their tight bass. My need at the moment of purchase was to have speakers with tight bass. So, they fulfilled my need. 


There are two types of bookshelf speakers. One happens to be active and the other one is passive. The Micca RB42 are passive speakers. The biggest advantage of having passive speakers is that they are easier to upgrade. However, they do require an external amplifier to serve you. Whenever you have to upgrade the passive bookshelf speaker, all you are supposed to do is find and replace the amplifier. A lot of people prefer active speakers over passive ones for two major reasons. 

  • Not having to find a suitable amplifier 
  • They sound better 

However, I prefer passive speakers even if I have to go the extra mile to find an amplifier. The reason is whenever my need increases, I don’t need to find a speaker. Replacing the amplifier does the job for me.

The speaker I’m reviewing today does not come with an amplifier and speaker wires. This is not a con as most passive speaker packages do not include speaker wire and amplifier. You have to find something that suits your needs.


These speakers won my heart for many reasons. One of them was the connectivity options. The said pair of bookshelf speakers can be connected to compatible devices via wire as well as Bluetooth. This makes the speaker even more worthy of consideration. 

Most people get confused about whether to get Bluetooth or wired speakers. Some of the devices we connect the speakers to are wired and a few support Bluetooth. Therefore, it’s hard to pick one. Having a speaker that can be connected both ways is truly a blessing.


These Micca RB42 have all the qualities of good bookshelf speakers. However, still, these speakers can only work for unprofessional purposes. I use these speakers for music and gaming, and sometimes pair them up with a home theater system as well. They have been serving me well.


Fortunately, these speakers are not that expensive. The pair is being sold for $149.99. If you are looking for an economical pair of bookshelf speakers, these Micca speakers are a pretty good option. 

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