How do make JBL Speakers Louder?

Is your JBL speaker not loud enough? There is no need to get a new speaker just because the old one is not loud enough. Surprisingly, this issue can be fixed. There are some ways to make your speaker loud.

We all love JBL speakers for their sound quality, impressive battery life, and sturdiness. However, most speakers are not that loud. Since most JBL speakers are party speakers, the louder the better. What do you need to do when the speaker is not loud enough? Here are a few 100% working quick fixes.

How to Make a JBL Speaker Louder?

To make the JBL speaker louder

  • Readjust the volume
  • Get an amplifier
  • Double-check the size of the room
  • Get a good third-party app
  • Have two speakers
  • Reposition your speaker

1. Readjust the volume

To make the JBL speaker louder, you should check the basics first. Sometimes the volume of the speaker is not maximized and it fails to play music loud. Therefore, before attempting to do anything else readjust the volume.

Maximize the volume on the speaker and the device it is connected to. You would notice a lot of improvement.

2. Get an amplifier


If readjusting the volume does not help and you need a better solution, get an amplifier. Finding a suitable amplifier and connecting it to the speaker would be a hassle. However, it would be worth it.

While finding an amplifier, make sure it’s twice the wattage of the speaker. Otherwise, you would not achieve the desired loudness.

Finding a suitable amplifier would be tricky, I would suggest you get professional help.

3. Double-check the size of the room

The size of the room can also contribute to making the speaker louder. The quality and loudness of the speaker get affected by the kind of environment it is played in.

The speaker sounds louder and better indoors than outdoors. Therefore, to make the speaker louder, the one thing you can do is consider playing the speaker indoors.

Moreover, playing in a small room can also make the speaker loud. So, double-check the size of the room. If it is too big for the speaker to handle, consider switching the room.

4. Get a good third-party app

There are several third-party apps that you can download to resolve the issue. However, the best and most popular for the job is the “sound booster”.

Download it from any reliable website and enhance the sound output of your speaker without any hassle.

Do not worry, the third-party apps available these days are just as safe as the ones downloaded from Google Play Store. Therefore, it would not hurt your speaker and the device at all.

5. Have two speakers

two jbl speaker

Sometimes no matter what you do, one speaker remains insufficient for the job. In this situation, it is better to have multiple speakers.

If not more, at least two speakers. However, this solution only works for Bluetooth speakers.

Most JBL Bluetooth speakers come with WIFI support. With the help of WIFI, you have to connect two or more speakers and make the speaker louder.

Finding a suitable speaker to connect to the existing speaker would also be tricky. Do not hesitate to take professional help if you have a hard time.

It would save you from spending money on unsuitable speakers and accomplish the mission as well.

6. Reposition your speaker

Repositioning the JBL speaker can also help you in improving the sound. Every speaker is different and works well in different spots.

Try moving your speaker in the room and examine where it sounds loudest. While finding a perfect spot for your speaker, keep the following things in mind.

  • Don’t place the speaker too close to the wall
  • Make sure there is no object between the speaker and the listener
  • Play it by ear to find a perfect spot without any hassle

7. Place your speaker on the floor

Placing the speaker on the floor can also give you the desired outcome. Go ahead, put the speaker on the floor, and see how it responds.

This trick does not work for all JBL speakers. However, there is no harm in trying it at all. Keep in mind, there should not be carpet or anything under the speaker. Otherwise, it will absorb the sound.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make my JBL louder?

Yes, but not too much. You can make your JBL a little louder by connecting it to more speakers, purchasing an amplifier, and repositioning it. Moreover, playing it indoors can also help.

Why is my JBL not loud?

Your JBL is probably not loud enough because the volume is not maxed out. Double-check the volume of the speaker and the device it is connected to and readjust it.

Is JBL louder when charging?

Yes, most JBL speakers are louder when plugged in for charging. I’m not 100% sure if your speaker is one of them, try it to know if this works for your JBL speaker or not.

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