Klipsch Synergy Black Label B-200 Review (Bookshelf Speaker)

Want to try Klipsch Synergy Black Label B-200 Bookshelf Speaker with horn technology? It seems like a pretty good option. However, like everything else these speakers would surely have some strengths and weaknesses.

The strengths and weaknesses can only be told by a person who has used the product. I bought this speaker a while ago and have been using them ever since. Here’s what I like and do not like about these speakers.

Klipsch Synergy Black Label B-200 Review

The Klipsch Synergy Black Label B-200 speakers reached me in good condition. The box they arrived in was super sturdy and the speakers were also packed well. They did not take longer than 3 days to reach me.

Therefore, I was quite impressed with the service of the company. My first impression of the speakers was pretty good. I’m hopeful that if you get the same speakers, your first impression would also not be bad either.


These Klipsch Synergy speakers are medium-sized bookshelf speakers with a shiny black finish. We can neither call the design classic nor modern.

Calling it a mediocre design would be appropriate. I would be very honest here that the design of these speakers did not impress me much.

I’m more into the bookshelf speakers of small size, matt finish. Also, for some reason, I do not like the black bookshelf speakers much. It is because, for the longest time, there were only black bookshelf speakers in the market.

I got tired of seeing black bookshelf speakers everywhere. Now the competition is super high, the speakers are not only judged for their sound but their appearance as well.

The companies finally have started manufacturing the speakers in other colors, I prefer not to get black Bookshelf speakers.

You must be wondering if I never liked how these speakers look, why did I purchase them in the first place? The speakers do not have a pleasing design, however, they give us several reasons to purchase and use them.

We can hate a speaker’s design but should never judge the speaker by it. The speaker should be judged mainly by its sound quality, usability, and compatibility. Judging and leaving a speaker just because he does not look good is nonsense.


If you are new to the speakers’ world, there are two types of speakers: active and passive. Active speakers are speakers that come with a built-in amplifier whereas, passive ones do not have one.

They have to be connected to the amplifier. The Klipsch Synergy black label speaker I’m sharing my thoughts on are passive speakers.

They do not come with an amplifier but the good thing with they can easily be upgraded with the change in need. How cool is that?

Sound quality

The sound quality is the one thing that forced me to purchase and use these speakers.

One of my friends has these speakers. We often used to listen to music together. That’s how I came to know how amazing these speakers sound and became a fan of these speakers’ tone, bass, and warmth.

The speakers produce a very precise, life-like sound. It has detailed highs and tight bass.

What I loved the most about these speakers is that they are capable of handling all genres of music, which is quite rare and difficult. If your needs are similar to mine, I would say this is a “really” good option for you.


Even the world has progressed quite a lot. Even some bookshelf speakers started to have Bluetooth Undoubtedly, Bluetooth makes establishing the connection so much easier. However, this speaker is wired.

It does not support Bluetooth or wireless connections. It’s maybe because you can not have all the qualities you look for in a thing. The wired bookshelf speakers are not that bad if you do not have to shift devices.


Everything about these is great, the sound quality is quite up to mark. However, still, these Klipsch Synergy speakers are good to be kept and used at home.


You can buy them for your little home theater, listening to music, gaming, and other unprofessional purposes.


The company has not provided much information regarding the compatibility of these speakers. I needed a speaker for gaming and music. Therefore, I have connected it to my PC.

The speakers are highly compatible with PC. Other than PC, I have a feeling that the speakers can be connected to music players and home theater systems as well.


Besides the superior sound, I bought these speakers because of their amazing price as well.

The speakers are cheaper and far superior to most of the speakers I own. The speakers are normally sold at $139. However, currently, they are on sale, at the moment you can grab the offer at just $124.

That’s a pretty good opportunity, finding such a speaker at such an amazing price is quite hard.


The speakers have a pretty good sound quality and happen to be cheap as well. Therefore, I would regard them to be good. I’m slightly not okay with the appearance. However, it does not matter as speakers do not necessarily have to have a great appearance, they must produce good sound.

If you are looking for a budget-friendly speaker with good sound quality, I would highly recommend you these Klipsch Synergy black-label B-200 bookshelf speakers.

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