JBL Speakers Connected But No Sound

Is your JBL connected to your device but still there’s no sound? We have been hearing such complaints for quite some time now. It looks like this has become a common issue with the JBL speakers. To be honest, it gets frustrating when you are in the mood to listen to your favorite tunes but the sound does not come out of the speaker.

Fortunately, that’s not an alarming issue, so there is no need to replace it or take it to a professional at all.

I am going to explain some reasons why your JBL speaker may not be producing sound. Moreover, giving you some troubleshooting tips to get it back to a functional state again. Keep reading to figure out the cause and solution of the problem.

JBL Speakers Connected But No Sound

Generally, the “no sound” issue arises due to two or three major issues. These issues are

  • Inappropriate output settings
  • Outdated audio drivers
  • Low battery
  • Faulty cable connection
  • Turned off volume

Inappropriate output settings

Inappropriate output settings are the most common cause of this issue. Most of the issues reported to me got resolved by fixing the output settings.

You might have connected the speaker to the device with a wire but forgot to select it. Therefore, you have to go to the sound window and the output settings option.

Now, you have to see if your JBL speaker is connected or not. If the speaker is not connected, selecting it for connection would resolve the issue.

Outdated drivers

Outdated drivers are another common cause of this problem. So, do check your audio driver while investigating the issue.

Updating drivers is not hard, all you have to do is go to the device manager, right click on the manufacturer’s name under the input and output tab.

Find and click the update driver option and wait for the process to end. As soon as the drivers are updated, the speakers would begin producing sound.

Low battery

Most JBL speakers stop producing sound when the battery is low. Therefore, you should make sure the speaker is fully charged or not.

If your JBL keeps turning off, Turn it off and charge it for a while, and connect again when fully charged. You would surely get the sound if there is no other issue.

A faulty cable or poor connection

The JBL and many other speakers fail to produce sound because of faulty cables or poor connection.

If you are connecting the speaker to your laptop via an auxiliary cable, make sure it’s not broken or damaged in any way. If the cable is faulty, replacing it with a new and improved wire would do the job.

Sometimes it appears that the speakers are connected but the wire is not plugged in properly. So, if your JBL speakers are not producing sound, plug in the wire properly and see if it works or not.

Turned off volume

Turning on the volume on JBL speakers is a bit tricky. It is because there are no protruding buttons on these speakers. Therefore, most beginners often fail to understand that the volume is turned off.

They need to turn it on to get the sound. So if you have just bought the speakers, press the “+” button to get the sound.

If the issue persists

If the issue still does not get resolved, contact the support team. This speaker brand offers incredible after-sale support. So, you should contact the company instead of taking it to a professional.

It is because the company knows these speakers more than anyone else. So, do not waste your time, search and ask the company directly in the JBL Official Support group.

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