Why Does My JBL Speaker Sound Muffled?

Whenever a user hears a muffled or distorted sound from a JBL speaker, they usually think the device is damaged beyond repair. In reality, many users experience similar issues. In most cases, it is fixable if the user identifies the problem correctly.

The muffled sound coming from the JBL speaker can be a result of a number of factors.

Regardless of what causes the sound to distort, it is almost always frustrating. Often, users end up regretting the decision to invest in a JBL speaker.

Before you overthink, it is a common problem that can be solved by performing a few troubleshooting steps.

Why Does My JBL Speaker Sound Muffled?

Without a doubt, the muffled sound coming from the JBL speaker is an annoyance, especially when your favorite music is being played.

Before you doubt the quality of the speaker, know that it is a common issue that many users experience. The problem is not always with the speaker, in fact, there are multiple factors involved.

The reason why your speaker is producing muffled or distorted sound can be any of the following

  • Software glitch
  • Wrong audio mode
  • Faulty speaker
  • Low battery
  • Playing heavy bass music at higher volumes
  • Wrong audio or EQ settings
  • Build-up dirt in the speaker grills

In addition to that, there can be a number of other reasons causing the speaker to produce a muffled sound.

Luckily, the sound quality can be improved after performing a few troubleshooting steps.

With that being said, older JBL speakers produce muffled sounds as they have lost their ability to produce clear tones over time.

Even if they were delivering exceptional quality initially, it is common for speakers to lose functionality over time.

Another reason why it happens is that speakers are designed to produce a certain frequency range. Further, clear tones can not be expected if they are unable to produce such frequencies.

Causes For JBL Speakers Producing Muffled Sound

There can be any of the following reasons why the JBL speaker is sounding weird or muffled.

Wrong Audio Mode

JBL speakers begin to sound distorted if the wrong audio mode is selected. Most JBL speakers come with several audio presets that a user may end up activating unknowingly.

When the speaker is in the wrong audio mode, its ability to reproduce certain frequencies is lost.

Go to settings to check the selected audio mode. If it is wrong, choose the right one for a normal listening experience.

Playing Bass Heavy Music at High Volumes

Each JBL speaker has limitations when it comes to playing loud music without distortions.

If the user listens to bass-rich music at higher volumes, it may cause the components to fault. Moreover, they will be unable to reproduce the correct frequency range, resulting in muffled sounds.

Another reason is that speaker cones are unable to move freely as they are supposed to when bass-heavy music is played at peak volume.

Faulty JBL Speaker

Like other electronics, JBL speakers are prone to fail and develop faults. Muffled sound can be a result of internal damage preventing the speaker from using all its drivers. Faulty JBL speakers cause turning off the speakers.

For instance, the sound will be muffled if the high-frequency driver is damaged. Check for any faulty hardware and check the replacement guide to replace the damaged components.

Dirty JBL Speaker Grills

It is one of the common reasons for the decline in sound quality and distortions. Dirt and debris get accumulated in the speaker over time, inhibiting the functionality of the internal components.

Dirt accumulated on the speaker grills block sound coming from the speaker, causing it to distort.

Low Battery

While not many users blame low battery for muffled sound, it is one of the reasons why speakers are unable to produce a clear sound. If the speaker or the audio source has a low battery, it would not have enough power to produce a clearer sound.

Wrong Audio & EQ settings

Wrong audio settings on the audio source (PC, tablet, AV receiver, or amplifier) are also blamed for muffled sound. Check the settings to confirm treble gain is at the midpoint and not too low.

How to Fix Muffled Sound From JBL Speakers?

Fix the muffled sound in the following steps

1. Select the Right Audio Setting

Check the audio preset mode of your JBL speaker. Choose the right audio preset mode to get the best possible audio quality without any distortions.

Overusing higher volume can damage the speaker in the long run. Therefore, go to the setting to adjust bass and volume levels. Make sure that the volume is not set too high as it will lead to muffled sound.

2. Remove the Speaker Grills For Cleaning

jbl speaker grill

Accumulated dust also blocks and distorts sound, therefore, clean them frequently. Use a soft damp cloth and a soft-bristled toothbrush to remove accumulated dirt.

Charging JBL and audio sources will significantly improve sound quality. After charging, the speaker would have enough power to produce clearer tones.

3. Change Audio & EQ Setting

If the equalizer is turned off or set to flat, try changing the setting to see if the problem is fixed.

Try adjusting the individual frequency level separately for improved audio. Also, change amplifier settings to see if the sound quality is before normal.

4. Proper Speaker Placement

If there are too many things blocking the speaker, try moving it to a different location. If you are sure that speaker placement is causing the distortions, move it to a more open space with fewer obstructions.

4. Replacement

If the speaker has faulty wiring or a driver, it can be replaced easily with a new driver. However, if nothing you do fixes the problem, it is high time to invest in a new JBL speaker model. Usually, JBL speakers last about 15 years if the user takes good care of them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my JBL sound fuzzy?

There could be a number of reasons why JBL speakers sound fuzzy. For instance, wrong audio mode, obstructions, low charge, damaged audio drivers, or dirty speaker grills.

How can I fix muffled speakers?

In most cases, muffled speakers can be fixed easily with a few troubleshooting steps. Reset the speaker, check for any software glitches, replace the faulty hardware, and clean speaker grills to fix the muffled sound.

How do I fix JBL crackling noise?

Check if any internal component or wiring is damaged, if you identify faulty hardware, replace it immediately. Additionally, make sure the audio source is securely connected to the JBL speaker.


If you have tried all the aforesaid fixes and nothing worked, try contacting JBL customer support or a professional to identify and fix the issue.

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