Why Is My JBL Speaker Blinking White?

Is your newly bought JBL speaker blinking white? Has this made you worried and are you thinking about what you should do in this situation? Well, you are worrying for the right reason, the speakers’ blinking light usually indicates something. Therefore, your JBL speaker is also demanding something from you. Let’s find out what it is.

Why is My JBL Speaker Blinking White?

The JBL speaker is blinking white because it’s charging. The speaker can show white light because of some other reason as well. However, usually, it means that the battery is super low and it’s charging.

The white blinking light of the JBL speaker is not alarming, the red usually is. Therefore, there is nothing to worry about, you simply have to leave the speaker to charge a bit. Once the speaker is fully charged, you can turn it on and listen to your favorite music for another couple of hours without any hassle.

However, if the speaker does not turn on, there can be an issue. Here is what you have to do then.

Verify the battery level

If the speaker does not turn on, you have to first verify the battery level. Sometimes the speakers refuse to work when the battery is too low. So, if the battery is still super low, charge it until it’s full.

Reset the speaker

In most cases, the issue gets resolved. Otherwise, you have to take one or two additional steps. Reset the speaker, press and hold the reset button for 10 seconds. Release, wait, and see if the speaker turns on or not.

Update firmware

If still, the speaker is not turning on, go to JBL’s official website, search for our speaker model, and download the firmware update following the instructions.

If the problem persists even after updating the firmware, you have to contact JBL support. This speaker company offers top-notch after-sale support, so you should take advantage of it.

Explain your issue to the JBL support team and get guidance. If the issue is not so complicated, the team may guide you on how to fix it yourself. Otherwise, you have to send it back to the company and get the problem resolved or have a better replacement.

JBL speaker lights and their meanings

JBL speakers can show many lights and almost every light has a different meaning.

Blue light

The blue light is Bluetooth light that indicates that the speaker is in pairing mode. In some speakers, blue light indicates that the speaker is listening to your voice commands.

White light

For some JBL speakers, white light indicates that the speaker is on and for some it tells that the speaker is charging.

Red light

Red light usually means that the battery is super low, you have to charge the speaker now.

Purple light

Purple light indicates that there is a firmware update available. You have to update your speaker to get updated features.

Lastly, keep in mind that every JBL speaker is unique. Therefore, for the best and more specific guidance, you should contact the official support team.

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