Why is the JBL Speaker Blinking Red?

Is your JBL speaker blinking red? Well, that’s not a common issue with JBL speakers but it’s a bit alarming. The blinking red light is a little indication that something is wrong with the speaker. In other words, you can say that the speaker is not functioning correctly. However, do not freak out, it isn’t a sign of speaker expiry or an issue that only a professional can resolve.

Let’s find out why usually the speaker blinks red and what you can do to fix the issue.

Why is the JBL Speaker Blinking Red?

The JBL speaker usually blink red due to the following reasons.

  • Low battery
  • Firmware update
  • Hardware issue

Low battery

Like other battery-powered devices, the JBL speakers can also blink red due to low battery. It usually happens when the battery of the JBL gets super low, therefore, the blink of red indicates that it needs to be charged.

Firmware update

JBL speakers can blink red when there is a firmware update available. This top-notch speaker brand releases firmware updates from time to time.

It is released to improve performance and add new features to the speaker. Therefore, sometimes the speaker notifies you about the available firmware update by blinking red.

Hardware issue

If neither the battery is low nor a firmware update is available, it can be a hardware issue. It can be major or small. If the issue is major, you have to contact support. However, if the issue is small, let’s find out what you can do.

How to Fix the JBL Speaker Blinking Red?

Here is what you can do to stop the speaker from blinking red.

Recharge the battery

If the speaker’s battery is too low, plug in the speaker to charge it and leave it until it’s fully charged. Now how would you know the speaker is fully charged? Well, when the red light would stop blinking.

Install firmware update

If the firmware update is available, connect it to your computer and follow the instructions provided by JBL to update.

Check connections

If the JBL speaker is connected to other devices, fix the poor or loose connection.

Check volume

Too high volume can cause this issue. Lower the volume of the speaker a little and check if the red light stops blinking.

Check temperature

Overheating also makes the speaker continue blinking red. Turn it off for a while and place the speaker in a cool dry place. Turn it back on when the speaker is cool down and check if the issue is resolved or not.

Check for interference

The wireless interference with the speaker may make it blink red. So, if there are any other wireless devices in the room, move them away from other wireless devices to get rid of the red blinking light.

Reset the speaker

Reset the speaker to resolve the issue. Now, how would you reset the speaker? Press and hold the speaker’s power button for 10 seconds until it turns off. Give it a few seconds and turn it back on and check if the red light is still blinking.

Most of the time, the issue gets resolved by following the above-mentioned steps. If the problem still exists

Contact JBL support

If nothing helps, you have to contact JBL support. The JBL’s support is incredible, the team would surely help you repair or replace the speaker if it is still under warranty.


In conclusion, a blinking red light on your JBL speaker is an indication of low battery, firmware update, software update, high volume, temperature, and other similar issues. To fix the issue, recharge, turn down the volum, reset the speaker, and install the firmware update. The issue would get resolved, otherwise, you have to connect the JBL support.

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