Is JBL a Good Brand? Research Based

Are you considering a JBL speaker and want to know whether it’s a good brand or not? JBL is an extremely popular brand, however, that does not guarantee it’s a good/reliable brand. I have used most JBL speakers, here’s what I think.

Is JBL a Good Brand?

Yes, JBL is a good and reliable speaker brand in the market at the moment. Almost every music lover agrees with that. JBL just has not been founded a little while ago and began ruling millions of hearts.

It was founded way back in 1946 and won hearts with its high-quality speakers in a short time.

JBL came several decades back, and thousands of brands were introduced during this whole period. However, the JBL speaker is still everywhere, would an unreliable speaker be able to manage that? No, not at all.

The competition was not that high back then, however, it is super high for the last few decades. It is not easy for a brand to survive and be top.

The JBL is not only surviving the competition but being a top speaker brand as well.

JBL manufactures all kinds of speakers and relevant accessories from soundbars, Bluetooth speakers, headphones, subwoofers, and home theater systems, to computer speakers.

Almost every speaker produced by this brand has hundreds of positive reviews, 4 to 5 stars, and satisfied customers. There must be some reason why it is so.

What Makes JBL a Good Speaker Brand?

Whether it is a cheap or an expensive speaker, JBL has always managed to exceed everyone’s expectations.

I would not go into technicalities that my readers can not understand. Here are a few reasons why I think JBL is a good speaker brand.

Excellent sound

jbl sound

Nothing “really” sells the speaker more than the excellent sound quality. Therefore, the major reason for the popularity of this speaker brand is the excellent sound quality.

Since I’m a diehard JBL fan, I have tried many speakers. The sound of all JBL speakers was exceptionally balanced, neutral, and clear.

This makes the JBL speakers equally suitable for all genres of music. If you are also fond of trying new speakers, you might already know how hard it is to find a speaker that can do justice to all genres of music.

What came to my notice lately, JBL is not maintaining the well-balanced neutral sound. It is rather improving.

Almost every new JBL speaker that comes to market has a better sound than its predecessor. Therefore, JBL was and still is a reliable spot for all sorts of audio shopping.

Powerful bass

jbl bass

It’s just not the well-balanced neutral sound, the powerful bass has also made the JBL a market leader.

The speaker brand has also improved the bass over the last few years. The reason is the company has been manufacturing a lot of party speakers. The party speakers are supposed to have powerful deep bass.

Though, almost every JBL speaker has satisfactory bass. Still, there are a few true JBL party speakers that have remained unbeatable when it comes to bass.

The JBL Party Box 710 is one example of a speaker with incomparable bass.


Whether it was 1946 or 2023, the JBL speakers are the most advanced in the market today.

The company is still working tirelessly to bring more advancement to the speaker. Almost every new JBL speaker that hits the market has one or two more advanced features than the predecessor.

The two examples of the advancement are the waterproof nature and the multiple connectivity options.

It’s important to know that all JBL speakers are not waterproof but most are. You do not have to be as careful with them as speakers of other brands.

Some of the JBL waterproof speakers can handle water splashes and surprisingly a few can be submerged in water up to several feet as well.

The connect+ is the most advanced JBL speakers feature. Most recent models support connect+, it allows you to connect multiple speakers to double the volume and bass.


The portability of these speakers has also made JBL our go-to brand when it comes to speakers and relevant accessories. The party speakers are not that portable, however, the rest are.

The speakers are compact and super light, some of them even come with hooks. In short, most JBL speakers are portable enough that you can place them in your backpack.

Impressive battery life

The JBL speakers are small but still mighty enough to play music for up to several hours.

The speakers from other brands hardly play for up to 12 hours. However, the JBL speakers have impressive battery life.

Most of them can play music for up to 20 hours without requiring a recharge. Above all, they are quick and super easy to recharge as well.

Wifi and Bluetooth support

jbl bluetooth

The exceptional Wifi and Bluetooth support also make JBL a good speaker brand. Finding a Bluetooth speaker isn’t hard, however, providing both Wifi and Bluetooth support in a speaker is done well by this brand.


Whether it is a speaker or any other product, JBL is famous for its durability as well. No matter how roughly you use it, the speaker’s last ages.


One can not deny that the economical prices have also contributed to making JBL a good speaker brand.

The JBL is offering the most advanced speakers at economical prices. Have any doubts? Try comparing the prices with some other good speaker brands.

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