IMAX Vs VMAX: Better Comparison?

Are you confused about where to watch your favorite movie again with your loved one, IMAX or VMAX? You are not alone, a lot of people get confused as the two movie theaters have quite identical names.

The Identical names do not just confuse movie lovers but even makes them curious what the better and the worse option.

Just like you, I had the same questions in my mind. To get my answers, I booked a seat at both movie theaters. Here is how compared the movie theaters in the time I spent in;


IMAX and VMAX are the two equally popular movie theater formats. They have some similarities such as big screens, high-quality sound, and comfy seats. However, if we compare the two options more keenly, the services at IMAX are a little better than VMAX.

Screen size

Do you know when you get the immersive theater experience? When the screen size is 100x bigger than the size of your projector screen. Otherwise, you would not get the feeling of being in the movie theater.

Almost all movie theaters have different-sized screens, some have bigger screens and a few might have standard-sized screens.

The IMAX and VMAX also have bigger screens. However, both of these theaters do not have the same-sized screens.

Vmax has a large-sized screen however, IMAX’s screens are ginormous as compared to Vmax’s screens.

Sound quality

Just as the screen size is different, you would not find the sound of the theaters the same as well.

Fortunately, none of the two movie theater formats have poor sound. IMAX’s sound system is powered by Sonics. Therefore, the quality of IMAX’s sound is truly worth admiring.

The Vmax is also not behind in the race, you get rewarded with high-quality sound as well. However, it can not compete with the sound quality of IMAX’s movie theater at all.


imax seats
IMAX seats
vmax seats
VMAX seats

Whenever you get a chance to visit and compare movie theaters, there would always three noticeable differences.

One would be the screen size, two the quality of the sound, and third the seats. The seats the IMAX and VMAX are both super comfortable.

The regular visitors have never complained of discomfort. By spending some time in the theaters I have concluded that IMAX’s seats are more well-cushioned as compared to the VMAX. However, that does not mean that the VMAX seats are not comfy at all.


VMAX and IMAX both are super competitive. Both movie theaters have bigger screens, comfortable seats, and -quality sound systems. A lot of regular theater visitors can not decide which of the two options they like more.

If there are a lot of IMAX fans, there are no fewer VMAX fans as well. However, if we ask people to pick between VMAX and IMAX, people picking IMAX would probably be great in number.


You will be surprised to know that the IMAX and VMAX are both somewhat expensive. The VMAX tickets would either be 2 or 3 dollars more or less than IMAX’s. Overall, they are b not an economical option to choose from.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is VMAX any good?

VMAX is a bit expensive however, it is truly worth the money. The picture and sound quality of VMAX are incredible. Surprisingly, the seats are quite comfy as well. Therefore, you can say VMAX is a good option.

Which is better VMAX or IMAX?

A lot of movie lovers have a hard time deciding whether Vmax or IMAX is good enough. Both movie theaters provide superior services. There would be a lot of VMAX fans, however, I prefer IMAX for many reasons.

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