How Much Do Imax Cameras Cost?

It is a dream of every filmmaker to shoot with Imax cameras. It is because IMax cameras can record using larger frames and capture an impressively high amount of clarity and details. As these are the cameras used only in overly-expensive films, it is quite easy to tell these cameras would not be cheap.

Almost every filmmaker has dreamt, searched, and even tried to save enough money to get an Imax Camera.

However, almost all of them failed in getting themselves an Imax Camera. Surprisingly, every human who has ever wished to own an Imax camera failed to get one for one reason; insufficient funds. Want to know how much money you need to have to get an Imax camera? Here’s the detailed answer;

How Much Do Imax Cameras Cost?

The Imax cameras cost around $100,000 to $500,000. An accurate amount can be given because the Imax cameras have an extensive range. The less advanced Cameras are more than $100,000 whereas the fully optimized ones are about $500,000.

Imax cameras cost on a rental basis

It’s hard to own an Imax camera, therefore, filmmakers often get it on a rental basis. The Imax rentals are also not that economical at all as well.

The rentals are often charged on an hourly basis. The filmmakers who often get Imax cameras on a rental basis have claimed that they pay around $12000 to $30,000 per hour to shoot with it.

Why Do Imax Cameras Cost so Much?

Imax cameras cost a lot for a variety of reasons. However, the major reasons that contribute to skyrocketing the Imax cameras are given below;

  • Rarity
  • Clarity
  • Ability to record in a larger frame
  • Outstanding image quality
  • High demand


It’s a least-known fact that even if someone has the money to get an Imax camera, he still can not get it. Do you know why? I bet you do as you got the spoiler alert. It is the rarity of these cameras.

Doesn’t rarity affect the price of a product? The same is the case with Imax cameras.

Imax cameras are so rare that it’s pretty hard to find and purchase an Imax Camera. As per some legitimate reports, there are only 26 Imax cameras in the world.

Therefore, the rarity of these cameras has not only skyrocketed the price but also made it almost impossible to own these cameras(even if you have sufficient funds).


If you ever get a chance to watch the film shot with Imax cameras, the difference would be noticeable.

You would find the picture to be 100x clearer than the movie shot with any regular camera. Since these cameras are powerful enough to capture the tiniest details, how can they be cheap?

Imax Cameras

Ability to record in a larger frame

Another thing that we believe to be the reason for the Imax cameras’ high demand and the price is its ability to record in a larger frame.

There are a lot of very expensive cameras in the world. However, none is powerful enough to record the video in such a larger frame as the Imax cameras do. Since no other camera is capable of shooting in such a large frame, can these cameras be cheap?

Outstanding image quality

Besides clarity, the overall picture quality of these cameras is also 100x better than the most advanced cameras. So far, no other expensive camera could beat the Imax camera’s picture quality. This also adds a lot to the price of these cameras.

High demand

Despite being rare, and expensive to own and get and rent, these cameras are still high in demand.

Wealthy filmmakers can not own it, however, they do often get it on a rental basis. As you see the demand for these cameras is only increasing, therefore, the price is not declining at all as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is shooting in Imax expensive?

Yes, you have guessed it right. The Imax cameras are not just super expensive to own but shoot as well. If you get it on a rental basis, you have to pay around $12000 to $30,000 per hour. Therefore, how would shooting with these cameras be economical?

How expensive are Imax Cameras?

Imax Cameras are the most expensive filming equipment ever made. Therefore, expect it to be up to half a million dollars.

Can you own an Imax Camera?

No, you can not own an Imax camera. It is because of the rarity of these cameras and high price.

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