How to Check JBL Speaker Battery?

JBL speakers have become an extension of most mobile devices, TVs, and computers. As an owner, one would want to know how to connect it to different audio sources and check the battery percentage.

Most JBL speakers are battery-powered, therefore, it is important to know how to check the battery levels on JBL speakers.

Knowing ways to check battery percentage will save you from awkward situations. For instance, running out of battery during an important call or music session.

Checking battery levels will enable you to keep it fully charged. Read on to learn more about checking JBL speaker battery levels

How to Check JBL Speaker Battery?

As most users know, nearly all JBL speakers come with rechargeable lithium batteries. Usually, the battery time lasts between 8 to 18 hours.

Larger, expensive JBL speakers have longer battery life. Before using it to host parties or make a call, it is important to check the battery level rather than regret it later.

Coming to the subject matter, almost all JBL speakers with the exception of JBL Go have a pretty similar method of checking battery percentage.

These speakers are designed with LED lights to assess how much juice is left on them.

Activate and check the LED lights to know how much charge a JBL speaker has. Generally, JBL speakers have 5 LED lights, each indicating 20% of the charge.

  • If 4 LED lights are turned on, the battery percentage is around 60-80%.
  • If 3 LED lights are on, it indicates 40-60% of charge.
  • The JBL speaker is at 20-40% if 2 LED lights are turned on.
  • If only one LED light is on, it indicates a low battery, therefore, the JBL speaker should be charged immediately.

These lights indicating battery levels are not always turned on, a user needs to press some buttons after powering on the speaker. Once the LED lights are activated, it would be possible to assess battery levels.

On the flip side, JBL speakers are not equipped with a digital battery charge level indicator to know the exact battery percentage. However, it is somewhat easier to calculate battery level with the number of LED lights turned on.

Usually, JBL speakers have powerful batteries and last pretty long. Speakers having high battery capacity hold the charge longer.

It takes 1-3 hours to fully recharge the JBL speaker. The charge time will increase based on the age and use of the speaker.

LED Light Indicators On JBL Speakers

Checking the number of LED lights turned on is the only way to know about the battery level.

In addition, to Go models, nearly all JBL speakers have the same number of LED lights. These LED lights have different colors indicating varying levels of the battery.

  • 1st LED Light – The 1st LED light is red indicating a low battery charge between 1-20%. When only one steady LED light is turned on, it needs to be charged.
  • 2nd LED Light – It is steady blue and indicates 20-40% battery level. Charge the speaker if you plan on using it for a prolonged private listening session or a party.
  • 3rd LED Light – The 3rd light is also steady blue which means the speaker has a 40-60% charge. It may last a couple of hours before the speaker runs out of battery.
  • 4th LED Lights – The steady blue, 4th LED light represents 60-80% charge. It provides ample playtime to enjoy music for longer hours.
  • 5th LED Lights – This indicates that the battery level of the JBL speaker is at 80-100%.

If all LED lights will light up in steady blue color, it indicates the battery is fully charged.

Full charging means it is ready for serving the user for longer hours. LED lights begin to blink when the speaker is being charged. Do not unplug the charger until all the LED lights turn steady blue.

Checking Battery Levels for JBL Go Speaker Models

Unlike other JBL speakers, Go models are not designed with 5 LED lights. Instead, these models rely on one LED light to check battery levels. The sole LED light flashes in different colors to let the user know whether or not the speaker needs charging.

  • Blinking Red – If the LED light has turned flashing red, it means that the battery is low and the speaker needs to be charged immediately.
  • Steady Red – Steady red light indicates that the speaker is being charged.
  • No Light – When the LED light does not light up, it indicates that the battery is fully charged.

As stated above, the LED light turns steady red when the speaker is connected to a power source. The light automatically turns off when the speaker is fully charged.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you check the battery on a JBL speaker?

Yes, it is possible to check battery levels on JBL speakers. While the exact battery percentage can not be known, LED lights will give you a clear understanding of how much charge the JBL speaker has.

How do I know how much charge my JBL speaker has?

Check the number of LED lights turned on and their color to know the battery level. The JBL speaker is at low battery if one or two lights are turned on. Three to four LED lights indicate medium to high charge. The JBL speaker is fully charged if all lights are turned on.

How do you check the battery percentage on JBL Charge 5?

JBL charge 5 comes with an indicator light that turns white whenever it is on or in use. It also shows the battery level of the speaker. The battery is fully charged if the light blinks white. If it is only half white, it indicates 50% battery.


Unfortunately, JBL speakers do not boast a digital battery level indicator or a screen to show how much charge it has. However, the LED lights will inform the users about the battery percentage. No need to be confused, use this post as your guide to check the battery level on your JBL speaker model.

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