Edifier R1280T In-depth Review

Ever heard of Edifier R1280T? I bet you have because this is one of Edifier’s best-selling products. The speaker is often recommended and even compared to other Edifier speakers for various reasons. I also bought it on a friend’s recommendation and became a fan of it immediately.

Like every speaker out there, they also have some strengths and weaknesses. However, after using it for about 4 months, I can say the strengths have taken over the weaknesses.

Edifier R1280T In-depth Review

Want to know what is so good and bad about this speaker that they become the talk of the town? You can find plenty of information on the internet as well. However, here is my honest in-depth review:

First Impression and packaging

So, I don’t remember the date and time when exactly I ordered this speaker because it’s been a month. However, I do remember one thing with utmost surety: the speaker arrived within the expected time which is 3 to 5 working days. I was quite happy with the timely delivery.

The box they come packed in was neither too big, nor too small but pretty sturdy. Upon opening the package I was pretty surprised to see a recycled protective cover. However, I was immediately disappointed that the speakers were wrapped in plastic bags. I expected the company would not use plastic, but it did.

There was a protective recycled cover under the speaker as well but no side supports. The speaker can easily get damaged if the courier company has not handled it well. Despite the poor packaging, the speakers arrived safe and sound.

Maybe the company has made some arrangements to deliver the product safely. As soon as I found my speakers safe and sound, I was relieved and happy. So, I can say my first impression was not that bad if it wasn’t that great.


Before jumping into details and discussing the appearance, I would like to say these speakers are pretty cute. Since the competition is high, companies are working tirelessly to improve sound and design. There are a lot of handsome speakers but for some reason I kind of like how they have been designed.

Edifier R1280T appearance

The speakers have a retro appearance. They have gray grills and wooden cases. Unlike regular bookshelf speakers, the controls of the speakers are placed on the side instead of the front.

It makes the speaker look finer. The rest is more or less the same as other bookshelf speakers. If I have to rate the appearance, I would give these speakers 9/10.

Sound quality

I believe the speaker’s appearance doesn’t matter that much, what “actually” matters the most is the sound quality. If the sound quality is poor, would the appearance or the design be of any use? After all, the bookshelf speaker is not a decorative piece.

Edifier R1280T produces a studio-quality sound. It is super clear and crisp and has rich lows and bright highs.

The bass is also not disappointing either. If I have to explain in simple words, these speakers have the most natural sound.

Luckily, I also wanted a speaker that produces a more natural sound. So, it worked well for me. However, I must mention here that sound is not that loud. It would produce enough sound that can be heard in a small to medium-sized room.


Like most bookshelf speakers, there are control knobs on the speakers and remote control.

You can easily adjust the volume, bass, and treble either using the control knobs or the remote control, whichever is more feasible. The only issue I have with the control knobs is that they are placed on the side of the speaker.

If that side of the speaker is facing the wall, adjusting volume, bass, and treble would only be a hassle. However, a control knob at the top of the right side of the speaker is only good for people who have kids.

It is being said so because the kids can’t reach them. If they have been in front of the speaker, the kids would continuously reach and rotate the knobs out of curiosity.


As you know this is an economical speaker. Therefore, you should not expect it to have Bluetooth because it does not have one.

Edifier R1280T connectivity

There are a lot of other Edifier speakers that support wireless connections. However, the R1280T is just not one of them. Despite not having Bluetooth, the speaker can easily be connected to other devices via wire.

The package also contains one connecting wire, which is easier to find in the market as well. If the wire that comes in the package gets damaged, broken, or lost, you can buy it online or from any store nearby.


The company claims the speakers to be highly compatible with laptops, TV, computer, smartphones, and tablets. However, I only needed a speaker that can be connected to my computer. So, this speaker kind of has exceeded my expectations.

As I said, my need is limited to computers, I have only used these speakers with this electronic device. It is working well, I have been using these speakers for months and have had no issues.

As I have not connected the speaker to another device it’s hard to tell how it works with them. However, it is believed that if the speaker is working well with the computer it would sound perfectly fine when connected to other devices as well.


Even though the speaker looks and sounds great, still they can not be used for any professional purposes at all.

The company has also not claimed them to be best for professional purposes either. After using the speaker for months, all I can say is they sound best for unprofessional purposes such as home theater, music, and gaming.


Even though the speakers come from a well-known brand, that is quite economical. The speakers are solid in pairs and the pair is being offered for $117.35. Isn’t it an affordable option?

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