Edifier D12 vs R1280DB: In Depth Comparison

The Edifier brand is well known for creating high-quality audio devices that satisfy a range of tastes and requirements. In this comparison, we’ll examine the features and differences between two of their well-known bookshelf speaker models: the Edifier D12 and the Edifier R1280DB.

The sound quality, connectivity options, and control features of the two versions are different, but they both guarantee a great listening experience. Let’s examine these differences so you can decide which is best for you based on your needs and tastes for audio.

Edifier D12 vs R1280DB Comparison

Edifier D12
Edifier D12
Edifier R1280DB
Edifier R1280DB
FeatureEdifier D12Edifier R1280DB
ConnectivityBluetooth 5.0, RCA, AUX inputsBluetooth wireless, Optical & Coaxial inputs
Sound Quality70W RMS, 2 x 4-inch woofers, 19mm silk dome tweeters4-inch bass driver, 13mm silk dome tweeter
Control FeaturesTop-mounted knobs, Wireless remote controlRemote control, Side controls for bass & treble
BuildQuality wooden enclosureSolid MDF wood housing
Warranty2-year warranty in USA & Canada2-year warranty in USA & Canada

Here is an in-depth comparison of both speakers

Connectivity Options

The Edifier D12 provides a variety of connecting choices, including as Bluetooth 5.0, RCA, and AUX inputs. Additionally, it has a line-out port that expands modification options by allowing the addition of an additional subwoofer or active speakers.

Edifier R1280DB: You can effortlessly connect your gadgets wirelessly using the R1280DB’s Bluetooth wireless connectivity. For lossless connections to other devices, such as TVs and PCs, it also offers optical and coaxial digital inputs.

Sound Quality

Edifier D12: The D12 produces power output without distortion and has a total output of 70 watts RMS. For the best bass response, it features two 4-inch woofers, and its 19mm silk dome tweeters produce studio-like sound.

Edifier R1280DB: The R1280DB boasts a 13mm silk dome tweeter and a 4-inch bass driver for naturally tuned sound reproduction. Although the wattage isn’t specified in detail, it guarantees a great auditory experience.

Control Features

The Edifier D12‘s top-mounted knobs for treble, bass, and volume/input adjustments make controlling the device incredibly simple. Additionally, a wireless remote control is included for easy settings from a distance.

The Edifier R1280DB puts adjustments at your fingertips with its remote-controlled volume and input switching. On the side of the main speaker, there are conveniently placed settings for the bass and treble.

Build and Warranty

Edifier D12: The D12 produces a rich and warm sound thanks to its high-quality hardwood shell, which reduces acoustic resonance. In the United States and Canada, there is a 2-year warranty on parts and labour.

The endurance of the Edifier R1280DB is ensured by its strong MDF wood housing. In the United States and Canada, it also has a 2-year warranty on parts and labor.

My Experience with Edifier R1280DB

These speakers exhibit an impressive range and accuracy, allowing me to pick up on subtle nuances in the music that I hadn’t noticed before. However, there was a certain “coldness” to the music, lacking some of the brilliance that a higher-end speaker would offer.

Experimenting with their placement, I moved the speakers to my wooden desk near a wall, and the change was remarkable. The sound quality improved drastically. Additionally, I observed a substantial distinction between using my laptop and my high-end desktop to power the speakers.

This difference likely stems from the varying sound chips and drivers of the motherboards, affecting the quality of the audio signal sent to the speakers. The same music sounded notably better on my desktop.

I also followed a Reddit suggestion to lower the treble and bass settings slightly, which seemed to prevent the low mids from getting drowned out. This adjustment resulted in significantly better sound quality in my small office compared to our larger living room.

While I concur that the Bluetooth connectivity isn’t the most intuitive, I did manage to get it working after some effort.

In terms of aesthetics, the speakers surpassed my expectations. Their design exudes a premium and stylish look. The wooden enclosure and front mesh are both well-crafted and visually appealing. The speakers carry a substantial weight, which prevents any rattling, and the rubber feet fit snugly on my desk.

One standout advantage of these speakers is their sound transfer. In contrast to my previous, more budget-friendly system equipped with a subwoofer, the Edifier R1280DB doesn’t disturb my wife even at relatively high volumes.

With the glass French doors closed in my office, she can barely hear any sound from the next room, let alone upstairs. This feature is incredibly beneficial and allows me to make the most out of the speakers.

To provide a comprehensive assessment, I’d rate these speakers even higher if they had a slightly “warmer” sound profile and better-tuned mid-range frequencies. Nonetheless, their performance, design, and sound transfer capabilities make the Edifier R1280DB a compelling option.


Both the Edifier D12 and the Edifier R1280DB offer impressive features that cater to different preferences and needs. The D12 stands out with its versatile connectivity options, studio-like sound quality, and user-friendly control features. On the other hand, the R1280DB offers Bluetooth wireless connectivity, optical and coaxial inputs, and a convenient remote control.

Your choice ultimately depends on your desired connectivity, audio quality, and control preferences. Regardless of your decision, both models come with a 2-year warranty, ensuring peace of mind and a commitment to quality from Edifier.

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