Dolby Cinema Vs. Digital: In-Depth Comparison

Gone is the time when we wanted to watch a movie on the big screen, all we had to do was book a ticket and go to the cinema theater. The world has progressed and so have the cinema theaters. We have got a lot of theaters. Each theater uses a different format and allows you to experience movies differently.

Dolby Cinema and Digital are two popular options but they are no different from the rest of the theaters. If you go watch a film in these two theaters, I bet you would walk out with a different experience to share.

It is because ever since we have got tons of options to choose from, we have begun to have our likes and dislikes about movie theaters. Therefore, before picking and trying a new option it is better to have an idea about it.

Dolby Cinema Vs Digital

Before jumping into details, let’s sum up the difference in a few lines. Dolby Cinema and Digital or Standard Digital are both movie theater formats.

The Dolby Cinema is a better option. It is because the picture and sound quality are noticeably better than Digital.

Moreover, the Dolby Cinema has a better seat as well. Dolby Cinema is expensive and more popular. Whereas Digital is cheap, however, it is more commonly available than Dolby Cinema.

Screen size

All movie theaters do not use the same size screens to entertain visitors. Some use standard sized and a few have screen sizes equal to the length and width of a whole wall. What I have judged from visiting the movie theaters frequently is that the movies always look better on bigger screens. So, let’s have a look at the screen size of the two options.

The Dolby cinema out of the two options happens to have a bigger screen. Its screen size is reported to be 60-by-32 feet. Whereas, the screen size of the Standard Digital movie theater is no more than a standard movie theater screen.

To be more specific, 45 to 65 feet. If you belong to a group of people who love to watch a movie on an incredibly big screen, go to a Dolby Cinema. Go for Dolby Cinema Vs Standard for more information.

Projection system

Dolby Cinema is more advanced than Standard Digital. Therefore, it uses a 4k HDR RGB laser projector to light up the screen. Whereas, Standard Digital has only 2k or 4k lamp-based projectors to project an image on a standard-sized screen.

No matter how powerful lamp projectors are, they can not compete with laser ones on any ground. That is exactly when we compare Dolby with Screenx for a better projection system.

Picture quality

It has already become obvious that Dolby Cinema has a better picture quality than the Digital one.

It is because the projector used in projecting the image is more advanced. The difference is noticeable. Moreover, the screen size is also big. Therefore, the picture quality appears quite improved.

Digital Cinema uses a little less advanced lamp projector to project a picture on the screen, the picture quality is noticeably less clear and bright.

Audio quality

The Audio quality of the movie theater is just as important as the picture quality. To have a lasting movie experience, the picture and audio quality both have to be amazing. You will be amazed to know that Dolby Cinema has the best audio quality out of the two options.

It is because Dolby Cinema uses 64 channels audio channels whereas Standard Digital has only about 7 audio channels to meet the needs of the movie theater.

Therefore, by judging the audio quality of this theater by audio channels, even a naive can tell Dolby Cinema has better sound. So far, if we only keep our focus on getting a better picture and sound quality, Dolby Cinema wins.


Just like the picture and the audio quality, the seats at the theaters are also not the same. The Dolby Cinema and Digital is no exception. Dolby is one of the few theaters that have luxury recliners for customers to rest on.

Recliners are highly comfortable seats designed to prevent stress and body pain. Even though the competition among the theaters is pretty high yet Standard Digital has made no arrangements to upgrade the seating.


Even though the tickets to all luxurious movie theaters are expensive, they still remain the popular choice. Since Dolby is a better option, it is more popular among movie lovers than Digital.


The Dolby Cinema might be more popular. However, it is still not available at most places where other theaters are earning a handsome amount of money every day.

As per legitimate reports, there are only 250 Dolby cinemas operating across the globe. However, the least-popular option(Standard Digital) is more commonly available. It has around 80,000 branches worldwide.


Since Dolby Cinema is more advanced, its operational cost is much higher than Standard Digital. The Tickets and the food items at the Dolby cinema are more expensive than in the other case.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is better, Dolby Cinema or Digital?

Dolby Cinema is many times better than Digital. The picture and sound quality are improved and it has the most luxurious recliners. Dolby Cinema is perfect in every way, So we can call it a better option.

Does Dolby Cinema make any difference?

Yes, it uses a 4k HDR RGB laser projector and has impressive contrast and aspect ratio. All these contribute to projecting a superior picture on the screen than most other theater formats.

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