Does AMC Check Bags?

We all know outside food is not allowed in the movie theater. The drinks, popcorn, and other food items at the movie theater are quite expensive. If you choose to go to some luxurious movie theater such as AMC, expect the price of the food items to be 10x higher than at regular movie theaters.

Despite the clear warning, several movie lovers have tried to take outside food in their bags and have gotten caught.

A lot of the people got successful in sneaking food as well. So, if you have hardly paid for the AMC ticket, you might have been planning to do the same; taking food items in your bag. Before planning and even attempting to take food, know whether AMC checks bags or not.

Does AMC Check Bags?

The straightforward answer to the question is No, AMC does not “normally” check bags. So, whoever told you that AMC check bags probably also have been misguided.

AMC does not check “all” bags

Hundreds of people visit AMC every day, the theater authorities can’t check all bags. However, that does not mean AMC never checks bags. It does check a “few” bags that appear mysterious.

However, all bags get noticed

Almost every woman carries a bag, boys normally don’t. The people appointed to make people follow the theater rules do notice every bag. If they find any bag mysterious, they would take action.

As stated above, hundreds of people visit AMC theaters every day. If they start checking every bag, it would not only get hectic but a lot of time will be wasted as well. Moreover, the bags are private property, they can not be checked without any solid reason.

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As far as the second question is concerned, AMC checks only mysterious bags. If the bag is larger than the size of the bag normally carried to the theater.

Additionally, if the bag is overly stuffed, it leaves security doubtful. Therefore they do not hesitate in clearing the doubt.

So far, the only bags that got checked at the AMC theaters are backpacks and shoulder bags. As these bags have a lot of space and compartments to carry food items. The clutches and small bags usually do not have enough space to hide the food items or any other thing that is not allowed to carry. Therefore, they go in usually unnoticed and unchecked.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do they check bags at AMC?

AMC normally does not check bags. However, if they find any bag mysterious, they have the right to check a bag. Most of the time, they do not hesitate in asking to get the bag checked right away.

Can you bring a backpack to AMC?

It depends on the size of the backpack. If the backpack is larger than 12x12x6 inches, you can not take it in. Otherwise, the authorities would have no issue at all.

Can you take a shopping bag to the AMC theater?

You can take any bag in AMC as long as it is not larger than 12x12x6. So, if the shopping bag is larger than 12x12x6, you can not take it in. Otherwise, you will be allowed to take a shopping bag in.


AMC does not have a policy of checking bags before allowing visitors in. All bags get noticed but not checked. Only the bags that are overstuffed and larger than the bags carried to the theater are checked.

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