How to Connect JBL Speaker to Xbox?

Plan on connecting a JBL speaker to Xbox? Well, a deadly combo, we’d say. Fortunately, JBL Bluetooth speakers can be easily connected to the Xbox gaming console without any complications. It is an effective way of enjoying the game to the fullest extent.

Most people are under the assumption that it is challenging to connect JBL speakers and Xbox. Since Xbox does not natively support Bluetooth function, it is only natural for users to find connecting both devices tricky.

All you need is the right tools to seamlessly connect a speaker with an Xbox. Follow along to learn more about how to connect the JBL speaker to Xbox.

How to Connect JBL Speaker to Xbox?

It is not possible to connect the JBL Bluetooth speaker to Xbox directly as it does not support Bluetooth connectivity.

When Xbox was first launched, users were quite furious as it could not be connected to Bluetooth audio devices.

It was because Microsoft decided to opt out of using Bluetooth connection to decrease latency.

A user will need a Bluetooth adapter to establish a wireless connection between both devices.

Alternatively, a wired connection will save you the headache of going through the somewhat complicated process of a wireless connection.

Simply get the right cable, plug it into the respective devices, and you’re good to go.

Connecting via Bluetooth is not difficult at all, just gather the right tools, and follow a few steps. Let us help you out by detailing the connection step

Connect JBL Speaker to Xbox Via Bluetooth

Since Xbox is not equipped with Bluetooth function, use a Bluetooth adapter to give Xbox Bluetooth capabilities. This handy device will give Xbox the power to send audio signals wirelessly to the JBL speaker.

A user has the option to choose between two Bluetooth transmitters, either the one that connects to the 3.5mm port of the console or the optical port.

Some adapters are battery-powered while others have to be connected to the power source to work.

1. Invest in a Bluetooth Adapter

Bluetooth Adapter

Invest in a quality Bluetooth adapter, there are plenty of options available online at affordable prices. Once it has arrived, carefully read the manual to see how it can be connected to other devices.

2. Connect Bluetooth Adapter to Xbox

Bluetooth Adapter to Xbox

Connect the adapter to the power source, if it is battery-powered, make sure it is fully charged. Depending on the adapter you have invested in, take an optical or 3.5mm cord and connect one end of it to the Xbox and the other to the transmitter.

3. Turn On Bluetooth on JBL Speaker

Now that Xbox has Bluetooth connectivity, enable Bluetooth on the JBL speaker. Press the dedicated button on the JBL speaker to put it in pairing mode.

4. Connection

Now, place Xbox and JBL speakers within close proximity, both devices will connect automatically after a short while. If you have followed all the steps appropriately, the sound should be playing through the JBL speaker.

Connect JBL Speaker to Xbox Via Xbox Connect App

A user has to download the Xbox Connect app from the Google Play and App stores. It is a bit lengthy process that requires the user to connect the speaker to the phone first and then to the console. However, both devices need to be on the same WiFi network to connect successfully.

Read the instructions in the speaker manual to connect it to the phone. Once the JBL speaker is connected to the phone, follow the given step

1. Visit Settings on Xbox

After making sure that the JBL speaker and Xbox are on the same WiFi network, visit the settings tab on the Xbox, navigate to Device and Connection, and choose Remote features. After checking the Remote features box, ensure the power mode is on.

2. Open the App

Launch the Xbox app and create an account. After signing in, go to the app’s homepage and click on the connection icon. This icon is present on the top right corner of the screen.

3. Connect

Then, tap the ‘Remote play on this device’ and hit Continue. At this stage, you may receive the prompt to connect the controller to the phone.

If the console and controller are connected already, the console’s audio should be played through the speaker.

Connect JBL Speaker to Xbox Via Wired Connection

It is the easiest to connect both devices through a 3.5mm cable. The connection process is simple, connect one end to the JBL speaker and the other end to the console. If the console does not support an aux connection, invest in an optical or HDMI cable for a successful wired connection.

On the flip side, establishing a wired connection may lead to clutter and make the space look unsightly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I connect a JBL speaker to my Xbox?

Yes, the JBL speaker can be connected to Xbox via a wireless or wired connection. The connection can be established using a Bluetooth adapter, Xbox Connect app, or aux cable.

How do I connect my Bluetooth speaker to my Xbox console?

Since Xbox does not support Bluetooth technology, users have to invest in a Bluetooth transmitter. It will give Bluetooth superpowers to the Xbox, just enable Bluetooth on the speaker and it will be connected automatically.

Why doesn’t Xbox support Bluetooth?

Microsoft opted for an in-house wireless protocol instead of Bluetooth connectivity. The company chose a different route to wireless connectivity to reduce latency.

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