How to Connect JBL Speaker to TV?

JBL speakers are quite popular today thanks to their advanced features and better audio. Most users connect it to their phones, tablets, or computers to stream music. Additionally, it is possible to connect JBL speakers to TV through multiple wired and wireless methods.

Depending on the TV model and available connection ports, it requires only a few steps to connect both devices.

If the TV and the JBL speaker have in-built Bluetooth connectivity, the connection process is seamless.

Fret not, TVs without Bluetooth function can also be connected to the JBL speaker. Follow along to learn how to connect a JBL speaker to a TV.

How to Connect JBL Speaker to TV?

As stated above, JBL speakers can be connected to the TV via Bluetooth, an aux port, or a third-party device. Generally, a third-party device is required for connecting dated TV models to speakers.

Often, it is hard to connect old TVs to speakers even with the help of a third-party device.

Alternatively, an aux connection can be used to connect TVs with no Bluetooth connectivity.

Most modern smart and Android TVs, for instance, LG, Samsung, and Toshiba, come with an in-built Bluetooth capability.

If the TV lacks built-in Bluetooth, a Bluetooth audio adapter can be used to give it Bluetooth connectivity.

Additionally, multiple JBL speakers can be connected to the TV using the JBL Connect+ function.

The process of connecting both devices is not for a particular TV or JBL speaker model, hence, it may vary slightly.

Connecting JBL Speakers to TV via Bluetooth

Most audiophiles choose Bluetooth connection as it eliminates the struggle of dealing with tangled wires.

If both devices have Bluetooth capability, the process is seamless. Before connecting, check if the TV is compatible with JBL Bluetooth speakers.

1. Enable Bluetooth on TV

tv bluetooth

First things first, turn on the Bluetooth on the smart TV. Each TV model has a slightly different method of enabling Bluetooth. Usually, it requires the user to go to the settings app and find the Bluetooth option.

If you are unable to find the function, check the manual to know where it is located. Once you have located the option, turn on the Bluetooth and verify if it is ready for pairing.

2. Turn On Bluetooth on the JBL Speaker

jbl speaker bluetooth

Next, enable the Bluetooth on the JBL speaker to put it into pairing mode. A Bluetooth button is usually available on the speaker, press it till you see a blinking blue light. It is an indicator that the speaker is in pairing mode.

If the Bluetooth logo shows steady blue light, it means the speaker is connected to another device, disconnect it first.

3. Connect Both Devices

Next, establish the connection once Bluetooth is enabled on both devices and the speaker is in pairing mode.

To do so, visit settings on the Android TV, go to Sound Output, click on Bluetooth, and go through the list of available devices ready for pairing.

In the list, search for the JBL speaker you wish to connect to, click on it, and wait for it to be paired with the TV.

4. Test Audio

Now that both devices are connected, play an audio file to check audio is played through JBL speakers and not through factory speakers.

If the audio is not coming from the connected speaker, visit the sound tab in the settings, click on the source then Audio Output, and switch to Bluetooth Audio.

Connecting JBL Speakers to TV via Aux Connection

Another popular way of connecting TVs, lacking Bluetooth connectivity, is through an Aux port. It is a commonly used wire with a 3.5mm jack for mobiles and computers. If you do not already have it in your house, buy it from a nearby store. It is extremely cheap and available readily.

  • Locate the Aux Port – Generally, TVs have multiple ports at the back. It is usually labeled as ‘aux’ on the top or bottom of the port with a 3.5mm diameter. It is found near the charging ports on the JBL speaker. If the Aux port is available, invest in a quality Aux cable if it is not already available at home.
  • Insert Aux Cable – This step is pretty simple and all you have to do is plug one end of the aux cable into the JBL speaker and the other into the TV.
  • Adjust Settings – Now, go to settings on Android TV, navigate to Sound, click on Audio Output, and change it to Aux.
  • Test Audio – Turn on the TV to verify if the sound is being played through the JBL speaker. If not, check if the aux cable is securely plugged in. Often, the volume is set to zero when an Aux cable is connected. Turn the volume up to hear the sound.

Connecting JBL Speakers to TV via Bluetooth Transmitter Adapter

If the JBL speaker lacks Bluetooth function and you are not in favor of an Aux connection, using a Bluetooth transmitter adapter would be your best bet. It will give Bluetooth capability to the TV, allowing the user to establish a wireless connection.

1. Enable Bluetooth on JBL Speaker

Press the button with a Bluetooth logo on the JBL speaker until a flashing blue light appears. It means the speaker is ready to be paired with another device.

2. Power on the Bluetooth Transmitter Device

Usually, the manual of the Bluetooth transmitter adapter contains all the information relevant to the connection.

It will include detailed instructions as to how to turn it on and pair it with other devices.

Once it is in pairing mode, keep the JBL speaker and the Bluetooth transmitter device close by for a faster connection.

After connection, the flashing blue light on the Bluetooth logo will turn steady.

3. Connect the Bluetooth Adapter to the TV

Depending on the ports on the Bluetooth adapter, you will need an aux, optical, or RCA cable. Insert one end of the cable into the TV and the other into the Bluetooth Transmitter.

4. Test Audio

Lastly, check the audio, and if you can still hear the sound coming from the factory speakers of the TV, try changing the audio output based on the cable used. You can connect with roku tv with the same steps.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I connect my JBL speaker to my TV without Bluetooth?

If the TV does not have in-built Bluetooth, there are two ways to connect it to a JBL speaker. For instance, both devices can be connected to each other using an Aux port or Bluetooth transmitter adapter.

How do I connect my JBL speaker to my Samsung TV?

The process of connecting a JBL speaker to any TV is pretty much the same. First off, turn on Bluetooth on both devices and then go to Bluetooth settings on Samsung TV. Now, select the JBL speaker from the list of available devices.

Why is my JBL Bluetooth Speaker not connecting to my TV?

Ensure that the JBL speaker is not already connected to another audio source. Restart the speaker by turning it off and on again and try to connect. If nothing works, read the manual to gather more information about the connection.


Hopefully, you understood the aforesaid 3 methods for connecting JBL speakers to TV. Try any of the methods depending on the TV model and the options available.

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