How to Connect JBL Speaker to Alexa?

If you have an existing JBL speaker, there is no need to invest in an Amazon Echo model to use the Amazon virtual assistant. Controlling speakers through Alexa makes it easier for the user to play music, set timers, and check the weather.

Unfortunately, JBL and many other speaker models do not support Alexa like the Amazon Echo series speakers.

Even if your JBL speaker does not have Alexa compatibility, Alexa superpowers can be given to the speaker using Amazon’s Echo input. Before you rush to connect JBL speakers to Alexa, here’s what you need to get to establish a connection.

How to Connect JBL Speaker to Alexa?

Generally, Amazon Echo models are not preferred by picky audiophiles due to their average sound quality.

That’s when the amazingly sounding JBL speakers come to the rescue. However, most JBL speakers do not have Alexa integration, therefore, an Echo input device should be connected to the speaker first.

Amazon Echo input device is designed to provide Alexa capabilities to JBL, Bose, Sonos, and other speakers.

Before you try to connect JBL speakers and Alexa directly, invest in an Echo input device.

Subsequently, connect it to the speaker first and then continue to integrate the Amazon virtual assistant.

Here’s how you can connect Echo input to the JBL speaker

Setting up The Echo Input

Echo input is available on Amazon, grab one to give Alexa compatibility to the existing JBL speaker. Once the Echo input device has arrived, set it up using an aux port or a Bluetooth function.

Further, it also requires the user to install the Alexa app to set up the Echo Input. Plug in the charger cable of the Amazon Echo Input and visit the settings on the Alexa application.

Now, click on Add Device, go to the Amazon Echo tab, and choose the Echo input device from the list. Then, connect to the WiFi network by following the onscreen instructions and clicking on Continue.

Next up, determine whether you want to connect Echo input to the speaker via Bluetooth function or the auxiliary cable.

Connect JBL Speaker to Alexa via Aux Cable

If you can not find a tutorial video or having difficulty pairing both devices, follow the steps mentioned below

Buy an Aux Cord

aux cord

If you already do not have one, invest in a superior-quality auxiliary cable. The plug on the end of the Aux cable looks like a headphone jack. It is also known as a 3.5mm audio cable.

Insert Aux Cable into Both Devices

The Alexa device or Echo input has two ports, one for the power cable and the circular port for the audio cable.

Insert one end of the 3.5mm audio cable into the relevant port on the Alexa device. Similarly, the other should be plugged into the JBL speaker. Look for a port labeled ‘Aux in’ on the speaker.

Power on the Devices

After successfully connecting both devices, power them on and test the connection. Lastly, ask Alexa to play some music, if the devices are connected, the music will be played through the JBL speakers.

Connect JBL Speaker to Alexa via Bluetooth

The speaker needs to be connected to the Echo device first to allow users to make Alexa commands. It’s pretty simple, just follow the given steps

Put the Speaker in Pairing Mode

jbl pairing

Place the JBL speaker and Echo Input within the Bluetooth range of approximately 3 feet. Enable the Bluetooth on the JBL speaker and ensure that it is not already connected to another device wirelessly.

Go to the Alexa App

Now, open the Alexa application and navigate to the ‘Devices’ option. Here, tap Echo & Alexa and select the Echo input device connected to the JBL speakers. Then, the user will be redirected to the device specific-settings. Next, click on Bluetooth devices.

Pair a New Device

aux connection

In the Bluetooth devices menu, a list of discoverable devices appears and the option to ‘Pair a New Device’. Before you choose the said option, make sure that the JBL Bluetooth speaker is in pairing mode. If the speaker is in discovery mode, hit the Pair a New Device button.

Select the JBL Speaker

At this point, Alexa will start scanning the Bluetooth speakers in pairing mode within a limited range. After a short while, the JBL speaker appears in the discovered devices list. Click on it to pair, a user may hear a pairing sound when the speaker is connected.

Test the Connection – Give Alexa voice commands to see if the speaker is connected.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you Connect Alexa to JBL Flip?

Yes, it is possible to connect JBL Flip to Alexa using the Echo Input device. In fact, any JBL speaker can be connected to Alexa via the aforementioned device. Invest in the Echo input to use the speaker through JBL voice commands.

Why won’t my JBL Speaker Connect to Alexa?

Make sure the JBL speaker is fully charged and in pairing mode, also, both devices are placed within the range. If the speaker is already paired to another audio source, disconnect it. Lastly, try un-pairing and connecting the devices again.

Can Alexa connect to other speakers?

Besides the Amazon Echo speaker, there are plenty of audio devices that allow Alexa integration. Even if the speaker does not support Alexa, use an Echo Input device to give it Alexa compatibility.


Lastly, once the JBL speaker is successfully paired with Alexa, it can be used as a wireless or an Echo speaker. Just give voice commands to stream news, podcasts, and music effortlessly.

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