How to Connect Bookshelf Speakers to TV?

Most modern TVs lack a set of high-end speakers, while the picture looks good, the sound, not so much. In-built TV speakers are tiny and squeaky, unable to produce the desired sound levels without external speakers and amplifiers. Most TV owners connect additional speakers to get more oomph and theater-quality sound.

What better speaker to use than bookshelf speakers for a superior listening experience? These speakers pair up nicely with premium TV models and upgrade the sound quality instantly.

People not knowledgeable about technology may find it complicated to connect with them. Simply follow the guide to connect bookshelf speakers to TV.

How to Connect Bookshelf Speakers to TV?

Generally, it is not possible to connect bookshelf speakers to the TV directly. Most smart TVs do not have relevant audio outputs to directly connect speakers. Therefore, pairing the two devices requires an amplifier or a receiver.

Preferably, follow the instructions given in the TV and speaker manual or visit the manufacturer’s website for assistance.

These manuals contain detailed information about the potential options and the settings that need to be configured to pair external speakers.

Following are a few ways to connect bookshelf speakers to TV

Connecting Bookshelf Speakers to TV with Speaker Wire

First off, figure out if the TV has audio outputs to connect bookshelf speakers, if yes, establishing a connection would be a lot easier.

  • Find the Ports – Check the rear of the cable box or TV for color-coded audio output ports. Typically, these ports are red and white in color.
  • Insert the RCA Cable – Next up, insert the red RCA cable into the red-colored audio output port on the TV and the same goes for the white end of the RCA audio cable. Ensure to insert the wire correctly in the color-coded ports to get the sound.
  • Turn on the TV – Finally, turn on the TV and each speaker, one by one. Make sure that both speakers are working by separating and checking their audio output and performance.

Connecting Bookshelf Speakers to TV with Amplifier/Reciever

  • Grab an Amplifier/Receiver – Get an amplifier or receiver to hook up the TV and bookshelf speaker if no direct connection is available.
  • Find the RCA Output/Input Ports – RCA output slots are present at the rear of the TV. Similarly, you will find RCA input ports on the amplifier or receiver. Audio signals can be transported from the TV to the amplifier via RCA cables.
  • Connect Amplifier to the TV – Insert the red end of the RCA cable into the red RCA port on the TV and then into the amplifier’s red RCA input jack. Likewise, repeat the same process for the white end of the RCA cable.
  • Connect the Amplifier to Speakers – In this stage, connect the speaker wires in the relevant ports or terminals on the amplifier or receiver. Remember that positive and negative wires should be connected to the positive and negative terminals. Red-colored speaker wires must be plugged into the positive terminal while the black wire goes to the negative terminal.
  • Test Audio – After plugging the speaker wires, turn on the TV and speaker to test the connection.

Connecting Bluetooth-Enabled Bookshelf Speakers to TV

Many newer TV models allow you to connect various devices using Bluetooth. Similarly, Bluetooth-enabled speakers can be connected to the TV with no issues. It is quite simple to connect both devices via Bluetooth by following a few steps.

First, turn on the Bluetooth function on both devices, go to Bluetooth settings on the TV, search for the speakers, select, and the connection will be established like the connection of a bookshelf with pc.

What to Do If the Speaker is Not Making Any Sound

If no sound is produced by the speaker, check if the wires are securely plugged into the right terminal or ports. In addition, check whether or not the mute function on the speaker is activated. Likewise, check the volume on the TV, if it is mute, un-mute it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Connect the Bookshelf Speaker Directly to the TV?

In most cases, TVs lack the corresponding ports to power bookshelf speakers. Some TVs do have audio output jacks to allow direct connection. Mostly, a user will need an amplifier to connect the speaker system.

How to Connect Bookshelf Speakers to TV without Audio Output?

If the TV does not have relevant ports, look for a 3.5mm headphone jack. If this port is available, invest in a 3.5mm headphone jack to an RCA adapter to hook up speakers with the TV.


Bookshelf speakers are significantly better than the tiny in-built TV speakers. Nowadays, connecting these devices is an easy task with adapters and amplifiers. Connecting speakers wirelessly is even easier if both devices support Bluetooth. Hopefully, this guide helped you understand the connection process and resolve common issues.

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