How to Connect Bookshelf Speakers to PC?

Computers and laptops have subpar speakers with no amplifier. Connecting a pair of bookshelf speakers to a PC will dramatically improve the audio setup. Further, top-notch audio performance would enhance the gaming and movie-viewing experience.

Just because it is called a bookshelf speaker does not mean it should be kept on a bookshelf only.

Position it next to your computer, connect it, and improve the audio quality instantly. Moving along, turning bookshelf speakers into computer speakers can be a bit too complex for a novice. Let us show you how.

How to Connect Bookshelf Speakers to PC?

Since bookshelf speakers require an external amplifier and receiver, the process of connecting them to the computer is a bit complex.

First off, gather the right accessories to power a pair of bookshelf speakers. Moreover, invest in the right cable to connect both devices with a few simple steps.

Accessories Required

  • Amplifier – These speakers do not have their own power supply, therefore, grab a digital amplifier. It is a necessity as the PC does not have sufficient power to keep the speaker going. Digital amplifiers are perfect for powering bookshelf speakers and turning electrical signals to sound waves. Additionally, ensure that it has an RCA port to directly connect it to the PC.
  • 3.5mm to RCA Cable – Pick up this cable to bridge the connection between the PC and the bookshelf speaker system. Furthermore, it pairs the main components of the audio setup and enables the flow of electric signals.
  • PC – It goes without saying that you need a PC for this audio setup. In fact, it is the main component of the setup and should have all the relevant drivers and music players installed.
  • A Pair of Bookshelf Speakers – Lastly, grab a pair of bookshelf speakers to get a louder, crystal-clear sound. Additionally, ensure that these bookshelf speakers meet your requirements and produce the desired level of sound.

How to Connect Bookshelf Speakers to PC?

Once you have bought the required accessories, it is time to connect the speakers and the computer.

The setup process is relatively simple and usually takes a few minutes. Not sure where to start? Follow these guidelines to successfully connect your PC with bookshelf speakers.

1. Pair Speakers to External Amplifier

First and foremost, unplug the digital amplifier from the power source. Next up, start the connection process by connecting bookshelf speakers to the external amplifier.

It requires the user to correctly insert the wires in the terminals to establish a connection.

Connect the left speaker wire to the left terminal of the amplifier while the right speaker wire goes to the right terminal.

Make sure the connection is not loose and check for any faults in the wire before connecting.

2. Connect PC to Digital Amplifier

Next, connect the PC to the digital amplifier using 3.5mm RCA cables. Insert the RCA end of the cable into the respective ports on the amplifier.

3.5 RCA Cable

For instance, the red side is plugged into the red input option and the white side of the RCA cable is inserted into the white input. The free aux end of the RCA cable is connected to the computer

3. Insert the Power Cord into the Digital Amplifier

Lastly, plug in the amplifier power cord after the RCA cable is successfully identified by the PC. After inserting the cable, plug it into the power source to test the connection.

4. Test the Audio Setup

Following connecting the primary components, it is time to test the connection by playing any sound. If you correctly followed the aforementioned step, you should be hearing the sound through the pair of bookshelf speakers.

If speakers are not producing any sound, check for loose ends and volume level or modify the audio settings.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of connecting bookshelf speakers to PC?

Bookshelf speakers are compact, versatile, easy to connect and produce powerful sound. Unlike computer speakers, they provide remarkable mid-range audio to enhance your listening experience.

Are bookshelf speakers better than computer speakers?

Yes, bookshelf speakers are considerably better than computer speakers. They produce louder, clear, and more accurate audio. Most definitely, these speakers are a better choice for an enhanced audio experience.


Despite some of their shortcomings, bookshelf speakers are a perfect choice to get superior audio performance. Correct positioning will help users get high-quality audio not possible with computer speakers.

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