Bestisan Bookshelf Speaker Review in 2023

Are you searching for a good bookshelf speaker for yourself today? So let me tell you that this post will be very helpful for you. Hundreds of popular brands are making bookshelf speakers and selling them at very high prices. As the demand for bookshelf speakers continues to increase, many smaller brands have started making them as well.

In my experience, buying a bookshelf speaker from a smaller brand is now a more rational decision.

You may be wondering why I am saying this, right? This is because smaller brands have dropped their prices and improved their quality to survive the competition. You should take advantage of this and save hundreds of dollars.

There are many wow-worthy speaker brands in the market at the moment. However, Bestisan is one of a kind.

The brand is gaining popularity fast and is introducing quite appealing options. Since this brand has made a splash in the market, the question on everyone’s mind is, is it a good brand?

Bestisan Bookshelf Speaker Review

This brand arrived in the market a while ago. It has not only gained popularity in a short period but has started manufacturing a few kinds of speakers as well.

If we go into more detail, the brand manufactures and offers soundbars, karaoke, and bookshelf speakers.

The prices are fair and the quality of the speakers is shockingly good. Since this post is about bookshelf speakers, here is my honest view on Bestisan’s bookshelf speakers.

Appearance, size, and weight

I can confidently say that Bestisan first gained attention mostly because of its stylish designs. Whether it’s Bestisan’s soundbar, karaoke, or bookshelf speaker, the overall appearance is truly wow-worthy.

No matter how much we deny the truth that the speakers must sound good, the appearance does not matter, but it does.

So far the brand has put up Two of them are classic black speakers with a smooth matt finish.

One has sharp edges whereas the other one is made for people who prefer round edges.

The other speaker is walnut and black and the cutest one of all the Bestisan’s bookshelf speakers is all white.

The walnut and black bookshelf speaker of this brand look’s identical to the Edifier R1280T. Whereas, the white one is “totally” unique.

When it comes to size, the speakers are of different sizes. What I have judged from the sizes is that the company does not follow a pattern.

It has not made all the speakers of small sizes, which is amazing as everyone’s preferences are different.

Fortunately, the speakers are not bulky at all. All of the bookshelf speakers introduced so far are under 15 pounds. So it would be right to say that these bookshelf speakers are quite travel-friendly.

Sound quality

Before going into details, I would love to give a spoiler. The sound quality of these bookshelf speakers is shockingly good and distortion-free.

All credit goes to advanced technology. The sound of each Bestisan bookshelf speaker is as unique as its appearance.

Some Bestisan’s bookshelf speakers have true stereo sound, whereas a few have regular but powerful and fulfilling sounds.

More detailed information about sound quality is given on the website and on Amazon.

If you are interested in knowing more about it, you have to check those platforms up.


Even though the world has progressed a lot, bookshelf speakers still can not be connected to all devices wirelessly. However, it is possible that shortly, we would be able to get rid of wired speakers.

Since the Bestisan’s speakers are more advanced, none of the four is entirely wired. Two of the bookshelf speakers offered by this brand support Bluetooth and the other two can be connected via wires or wirelessly.


Adjusting volume, treble, and bass on these speakers are super easy. Two of the bookshelf speakers have control buttons and remote control as well. Whereas the other two are not remote-controlled, the volume, treble, and bass can only be adjusted through control knobs alone.

The Bestisan Bluetooth speakers that do not come with remote control have control knobs at an easy-to-access place. Therefore, the flaw is somewhat covered.


Every bookshelf speaker produced by this brand is unique. They are made with keeping different needs in mind.

One Bestisan speaker is made for the studio, one for home theater, one to be connected to a TV, computer, phone, and record player, and the other for other unprofessional purposes. These speakers are easy to place on bookshelf stands.


Whether it’s a bookshelf, soundbar, or karaoke speaker, all of them come with necessary accessories.

The package usually includes a user manual, power adapter, and connecting cable if the speaker supports wired connections as well.

Lastly, I would like to share what I do not like about this brand. It does not give us many options to choose from. There must at least be 10 options to choose from. If the company wants to remain on top, it has to introduce a new collection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Bestisan bookshelf speakers worth it?

Yes, Bestisan bookshelf speakers are “totally” worth it. They have the most amazing sound, bass, and unique designs.

Does Bestisan offer bookshelf speakers?

Yes, the said brand offers bookshelf speakers. Other than bookshelf speakers, the brand sells sound bars and karaoke speakers.

Is Bestisan a good brand?

Yes, Bestisan is a good soundbar, bookshelf, and karaoke speaker brand. The prices are fair and the sound quality of the Bestisan speakers is shockingly good.

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