Best Seats for IMAX: In-Depth Guide

So, you finally have time to go watch a movie with your loved one at IMAX? Well, you have chosen the right place to watch your favorite movie with your favorite human. All you now have to do is pick the perfect seat and get the ticket before it is too late to have fun with your loved one at IMAX.

Just like all theaters, every person sitting and watching a movie at IMAX would have a different experience. One might get a better view and the other will be hearing perfectly. The reason is usually the location of your seat.

If you want to get a better image and sound, you have to book the right seats. Otherwise, you might not have a very worth-sharing experience even at the most expensive theater. To make your visit worthwhile, here is a guide to finding the best seats at IMAX;

What are the Best Seats at IMAX?

IMAX might have the biggest screens and the most powerful speakers. However still just like the regular theaters, the best seats happen to be the center ones.

It is a common belief that the closer you are to the screen, the better you can see and hear. It works for TV but not the screens installed in the theater. In the theater, the closer you are to the screen the harder it will be to see the picture.

Moreover, the seats in the front row would demand you to sit in an uncomfortable position as well.

To get a better view, you have to keep your head and neck tilted upward the entire time. So, if you want to get the best seats at the IMAX theater, you have to hurry up and pick the center ones.

IMAX Center Seats

The people that go to theaters are of two types. Ones that keep their focus on movies and others who do not mind involving in sexual activity as well. If you truly want to enjoy a movie at IMAX, the center seats are the best for you.

imax seats

However, if you belong to the category of people who get intimate while watching a movie, middle seats would never be a good idea. You rather have to get the seats reserved in the last row to not get disturbed by the people.

Which Center Seats are Best?

There are about 800 seats for people to watch movies at IMAX. Therefore, it gets super hard to figure out what seats are the best. Whenever you have to find a couple of the best seats, find these seats in the center of the row around the four or five rows from the back. Moreover, the seats should be in the middle of the row, vertically and horizontally. Compare IMAX 3D Vs 3D for better seat comparison.

What makes the center seats the best?

Since you have been suggested to find and get the center reserved seats, it might have crossed your mind why are these seats the best. The center seats are the best because these seats make you hear and see properly.

Bonus information; How to get the best seats at the IMAX reserved on time?

It is no secret that almost every regular theater visitor knows that the center seats are the best. Therefore everyone tries to get them reserved as soon as possible. Since in the 600 to 800-seat theater, there are only about a couple of best seats, everyone is eyeing them. To get those seats reserved for you, here are a few tips that you might find helpful in reserving them on time;

Book as early as possible

Whenever a movie is to be shown in the theater, it is advertised to let people know about the intentions. Therefore, do not wait for the last day to book the tickets. What you need to do instead is a book as early as possible.

Book the seats online

If you go to the movie theater to get the seats reserved, there are some solid chances you have to stand in a long queue to get the ticket. You would not only come home wasting a lot of time but might even lose those center seats as well.

So, instead of visiting the movie theater to get the seats reserved, do yourself a favor and book the seats online. It would save a lot of your time and increase the chances of getting the center seats as well.

If for any reason you can not book the tickets online, go to get the seats reserved on the first Monday or Wednesday since the announcement.

It has been observed on these days there is less crowd as compared to the other working and non-working days. You would not waste much of your time or might even get the seats on time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is it best to sit for IMAX?

Whether it’s IMAX or any other theater, the center seats are always the best. These seats are best to see and hear properly without having your head and neck tilted upward to see the screen.

Do IMAX seats Vibrate?

Yes, the IMAX seats indeed vibrate. To be more specific, these seats vibrate on the frequency of the movie sound.

Are the front seats at IMAX the best?

No, the front seats at the IMAX are just as worse a choice at the regular theaters. It is because you can not hear and see properly unless you keep your head and neck tilted upward the entire time.

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