Best Center Channel Speaker Under $300

Searching for a center channel speaker under $300? Amazon has hundreds of some “real” worth-considering options under $300. However, not all center channel speakers would be good enough to consider and purchase.

The center channel speaker is the main component of the home theater system. If the speaker is not of good quality, you would not be able to enjoy movies as you should.

$300 is a pretty decent amount to determine for a center channel speaker. Therefore, you should not compromise on the quality of the speaker at all.

Buying a center channel speaker is a bit trickier than regular speakers. You can not simply judge the center channel speaker by the sound. There are a lot of other things to consider. I have searched and tested a few center channel speakers and shortlisted these for you.

Center Channel Speaker Under $300

1. Klipsch Powerful Detailed Center Channel Speaker

Klipsch is a leading speaker manufacturing company. It has been serving us for more than 50 years.

The high-quality sound and the durability of the Klipsch speakers have made them rule millions of hearts.

Sound quality

For the sake of an honest review, I connected various center channel speakers to my home theater and judged the sound quality.

While trying different center channel speakers with the home theater system, I decided with the speaker the better sound quality would get the top position on my list. Since I gave this Klipsch top position, you can guess how perfect the sound of this speaker would be.

If I get a little specific about the sound, it’s as clear and lifelike. The crystal clear sound eliminates the need to turn on subtitles.

As this speaker sounds so perfect, I could not help but sit and watch an entire movie. The movie was way more fun as this time both picture and sound quality were perfect.


To be honest, so far I did not get a chance to connect it to many devices. However, I have checked it with frequently connected devices such as laptops, smartphones, tablets, and personal computers.

It worked well with all these devices. To figure out what else this speaker is compatible with, you have to read the user manual or the product description on Amazon.

Closed design

The other thing that I liked about this speaker is the closed design. By closed design I mean, the back of the speaker is fully covered, this gives you a flexible placement option.


  • Provides high efficiency and improves resolution and detail
  • Delivers clear movie lyrics without any hassle
  • Extremely lightweight and easy to carry


  • The midrange speakers are 100 watts

2. Sony SSCS8 2-way 3-Driver Center Channel Speaker

Sony is a well-trusted brand that does not need any recognition. The speaker produced by this brand is known for portability, good sound, and stylish design. Therefore, the Sony speaker covers all your requirements.

Sound quality

The center channel speaker that scored the second position on my list sounds nearly as perfect as the above-mentioned one.

At the end of the day, Sony is a well-trusted brand. How can speakers or anything from this brand be disappointing?

Like every center channel speaker, this sony speaker takes some time to break in. The sound of this speaker is thin and tight in the beginning. However, with every passing hour, the sound of this speaker gets richer and richer.

What I love the most about this speaker is the high degree of detail. Whether it’s music or movie dialogues, the speaker serves pretty well.

2-way design

This is a two-way speaker. The two-way means the speaker comes with two types of drivers.

More specifically, tweeter and a woofer. The 2-way center channel speaker happens to have powerful bass. The credit goes to the dedicated woofer.

Read Complete Review: Sony SSCS8 Center


  • Sleek and stylish design
  • Can be used for movies, gaming, as well as music
  • Crisp, clear, and loud


  • Requires a subwoofer

3. Polk Audio Blackstone Center Channel Speaker

Polk Audio is one of my favorite speaker brands. It manufactures all kinds of speakers. However, since we are searching for good center channel speakers at the moment under $300, here is what I found truly worthy of consideration.

Glossy Blackstone finish

I’m not a fan of speakers with a glossy finish. The glossy finish is usually reflective. At the time of purchasing this speaker, I had no clue it has a glossy finish. I came to know at the time of opening the package.

To be honest, the glossiness of this speaker is not that bad. It rather suits the design. Now, I’m becoming a fan of the glossy finish because it makes the speaker easy to clean as well.


There is one thing that truly pushed me to purchase and even recommend this speaker.

That’s its versatility. What I mean to say is, the speaker can easily be made to serve any room size.

All you have to do is add the satellite speaker and subwoofer and build 5.1, 6.1, or 7.1 without any hassle.

Small but mighty

The speaker is small, and it tricked me into questioning how would it meet the needs of a home theater system. However, I got the answer immediately. Even when the speaker still needed to break in, the sound was flawlessly clear and crisp.


  • Compact
  • Delivers powerful bass
  • Ensures reduced diffraction and distortions
  • Easy to connect and use


  • Does not come with instructions, a guide, and any cable

4. Micca MB42X-C Advanced Center Channel Speaker

Micca is emerging as a reliable speaker brand. It is a USA-based brand that delivers compact and stylish speakers at the most economical prices.

This MB42X-C is no exception, here is what else makes it worthy enough to be included.


The economical price made my purchase and try this center channel speaker. This speaker is cheaper than the above-mentioned speakers. Therefore, it’s a great option for people with budget issues.

Sound quality

If I compare this center channel speaker to the above-mentioned ones, it does not sound as amazing. However, this speaker sounds good enough to be considered.

The sound produced by this speaker is natural, loud, and rich. Therefore, it serves the need of a small home theater pretty well.


This center channel speaker is passive. The passive speakers are not self-powered. You need an amplifier or a receiver to fulfill your needs. Therefore, to get a clear and crisp sound, you have to purchase an amplifier or receiver as well.

This is not a con, the passive speakers can be upgraded without any hassle. Whereas, the active ones do not give any such option.


  • Delivers cinema-like experience
  • Super economical
  • Sounds good
  • Smooth treble


  • Requires you to purchase an amplifier or receiver to serve the job

5. Polk Audio Elite Slim Center Channel Speaker

Last but not least this Polk Audio speaker that’s my absolute favorite. I have recommended this center channel speaker many times.

The American style and design are just not the reason why I like this speaker, there are some other reasons as well.

Wall mountable low-profile

The wall-mountable low profile is one thing that makes this speaker my favorite. You do not have to make space for this speaker on the table or shelf.

It rather requires a little space on the wall. This makes your home theater appear less crowded.

Sound quality

The sound quality of this center channel speaker is exceptionally good. It delivers more details in sound than most of the center channel speakers I have used.

The highs and lows of this speaker is more defined, the bass is also worth admiring.

Hi-Res audio certified

This Polk-Audio is Hi-Res audio certified. The Hi-Res audio certification means the speaker is capable of producing high-resolution sound. The certification means that it meets the criteria of a good center channel speaker.


  • Makes movies more fun
  • Produce full-range sound
  • Comes with a five-year warranty
  • Modern and bold design
  • Comes in several finishes


  • Lacks bass at the loudest volume

How to Find the Right Center Channel Speaker Under $300?

There are a variety of things you need to consider while shopping for a center channel speaker.

If any of these things get ignored, you would be able to enjoy movies as you should. There are a lot of decent center channel speakers under $300. Here is what you have to look for.


Keep in mind our budget only allows you to get a center channel speaker under $300. Therefore, the first thing you need to judge the center channel speaker by is the price.

Make sure the speaker you shortlist and eventually consider does not cost more than $300. Again, it’s not that hard to find a center channel speaker under $300 without compromising the quality.

Therefore, type in “best center channel speakers under $300” and search. You would get plenty of other options as well.

Sound quality

The sound quality of the center channel speaker has to be judged more carefully than regular speakers.

The reason is center channel speaker has to deliver dialogues. If the dialogues are not clear enough watching movies would not be fun.

The sound has to be clear and crisp, the speaker does not need to have a powerful bass.


Do not ever forget to check the compatibility of the speaker. The reason is we have to connect some other speakers to the surround system as well.

If the speaker is not compatible with the other speakers in the surround system, what’s the use? You would not be able to pair them up for any job.

If you have a hard time concluding whether the center channel speaker is compatible with the other speakers or not, I would suggest not purchasing it.

What you need to do is purchase a good center channel speaker from the same brand as the other speaker. The compatibility issue would not arise at all.


You would always have to choose a speaker that works well with the configuration ratio.

The configuration ratio of each system is not the same. It can be 3:1, 5:1, 6:1, and even 7:1.

The first digit in the configuration ratio is the number of surround sound speakers whereas, the second digit indicates the number of subwoofers.

For example, if the configuration ratio is 3:1, the surround sound speakers are 3 and there is only one subwoofer. You have to know the configuration ratio to find a suitable speaker.

Power rating

To make the center channel speaker work up to your expectations, you are supposed to match the power rating with the home theater system.

The power rating is given either in decibels or ohms. Therefore, before hitting the place an order button matches the power rating of your home theater system center channel speaker.

Size and design

Even though the speaker is not a decorative item, it still has to be good-looking. Therefore, pay attention to the design.

The size of the speaker does not directly or indirectly influence the sound quality, so it’s better to have a small-sized speaker. It would not take much space and be easier to carry as well.

Crossover frequency

The rule of crossover frequency is pretty simple. The higher the crossover frequency the better.

Compare the crossover frequencies of the shortlisted options to find the best center channel speaker.

Mounting type

Lastly, you have to pay attention to the mounting type. The speakers available in the market today can either be mounted to the ceiling or the wall.

The wall-mount speakers are more worthy of consideration. They can be installed anywhere closer to the display and get better sound.

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