Best Center Channel Speaker Under $200

Not sure if you can find a good center channel speaker under $200? Well, you can get a pretty decent center channel speaker for under $200. Amazon has some quality options. However, here are a few that I found truly worthy of consideration.

Center Channel Speaker Under $200

1. Polk Audio 255c-RT In-Wall Center Channel Speaker

This brand is famous for manufacturing all kinds of the best ceiling and wall speakers. All of the Polk Audio speakers are fairly priced and have great sound.

This 255c-RT is no exception, therefore, I had to give the top position to this speaker.

Vanishing design

I would not lie the vanishing design made me purchase this center channel speaker. Most center channel speakers, even if they are compact, take up a lot of space. However, this one is an exception. It is installed on the wall and almost blends into it.

5.25″ Drivers

Besides the vanishing design, the other thing that made me try this speaker was the size of the driver.

The drivers of this center channel speaker are 5.25″, which makes the speaker unmatchable and clear. Isn’t this what we want from our center channel speakers?

Perfect for all kinds of surround systems

The versatility of the speaker also makes it wow-worthy. Whether it’s a 3.1, 5.1, 6.1, or 7.1 surround system, this 2-way center channel speaker is equally perfect for each type.


  • Delivers clear, rich, natural, and room-filling sound
  • No sound distortion
  • Comes with a built-in microphone
  • Clutter-free appearance


  • A bit tricky to install

2. Klipsch Reference Premiere RP-250c Center Channel Speaker

Klipsch is known as the leading manufacturer of the center channel speaker in the market.

All the center channel speakers have all the qualities that home theater owners usually look for. I have tried several Klipsch speakers and found this perfect.

Sound quality

Like most Klipsch center channel speakers, I have found this one clean and natural as well. To be honest, this speaker took a little longer to break in.

I almost got disappointed, however, my patience rewarded me. Now after months of use, these speakers sound as clear as needed. Therefore, do not go with the appearance, the speaker might not look good but sound great.

Compact size

Since my home theater is already overcrowded, this center channel speaker works well for me.

This is a compact-sized speaker, it did not make me declutter my home theater to make room for it.

Easy to install

The easy installation makes this speaker even more forgiving. You do not need any sort of help to connect it to your home theater system.


  • Delivers realistic details
  • Incorporates into any decor without any hassle
  • Compact size and lightweight design
  • Clean and natural sound


  • Looks ugly

3. Polk Audio Monitor XT35 Certified Center Channel Speaker

This is another Polk Audio speaker that I thought to include in the list. It is a superior option because the speaker is Hi-Res audio certified. Therefore, there is no chance it will disappoint you.


To be honest, most of the center channel speakers under $200 are fairly large and heavy. However, since it comes from a brand that is known for manufacturing low-profile speakers, this one is no exception.

A lot of compact center channel speakers I have tried blocked the bottom of my screen.

This speaker is forgiving enough that the bottom of the screen remains exposed. So, I use this speaker in my home theater more often.

Wall-mount design

This center channel speaker is made to be mounted on the wall. The wall-mount center channel speakers are far better than the ceiling-mount speaker.

The sound of the wall-mount speakers does not get affected by the exposed shelves and remains clean and clear.

Hi-Res audio certified

The best part of this deal is that this speaker is Hi-Res audio certified. Therefore, you can trust and even purchase the speaker without investigating much.


  • Gives a perfect reflection of mid-range and treble
  • Looks andundsnd great
  • Comes from a reliable brand
  • Super economical


  • Clear but not that loud

4. Micca M-CS Dual 5.25 Inch 2-Way In-Wall Center Channel Speaker

Micca has been introducing a lot of improved speakers for the last few years. I have noticed a lot of improvement in the size, designs, and sound quality of Micca’s center channel speakers.


This is my favorite Micca’s center channel speaker is 2-way. Due to some serious space issues, I built my home theater in the store. Therefore, this 2-way center channel speaker fulfills my needs without any hassle.

If the size of the room, in which you have built a home theater, is small or medium this is the best option. It is loud enough to be heard in a small to medium room.


The paintable design made me a fan of this center channel speaker. It allows you to paint and blend the speaker into the wall. I painted the speaker in white, now it does not look odd at all.

Easy to install

For the sake of this post, I had to install a lot of center channel speakers. However, this was the easiest to install and connect.

I did not even have to consult the user manual for guidance. All you have to do is cut the mounting hole with a drywall knife and screw it on the wall.


  • Can be connected to a variety of home entertainment applications
  • Flexible in terms of configuration
  • Can be painted to blend it into the wall


  • Have to puncture deep holes to install

5. Klipsch R-52C Powerful Detailed Center Channel Speaker

I would like to wrap up my recommendation with this Klipsch center channel speaker. This company has been serving the best speakers for about 50 years. Therefore, all the recent models are an outcome of years of experimentation and hard work.


To be able to write a better honest review, I connected and tested this speaker with several entertainment devices.

I have found this speaker highly compatible with personal computers, smartphones, laptops, and tablets.


This is the mightiest 2-way center channel speaker even invented by Klipsch. The 2-way speakers are for small to medium-sized rooms. Therefore, if your needs are small it will be the best bet.


The power handling of this center channel speaker is 400 watts. A 200 watts center channel speaker is pretty decent, it offers great audio possibilities. Since this speaker’s power handling is 400 watts, expect it to exceed your expectations.


  • Offers flexible placement options
  • Minimal distortion
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Clearest


  • Not so impressive design

How to Find the Right Center Channel Speaker Under $200?

The main component of the home theater system(center channel speaker) is expensive. It’s a bit hard to find a “good” center channel speaker under $200.

However, if you know what to judge the speaker by, the job gets easier. Since everyone’s preferences are different, what I have suggested might or might not meet your needs. Therefore, here’s what you need to judge the speaker by.


If you strictly want to get a speaker under $200, you have to first find some suitable options under the same price.

All the center channel speakers suggested above are under $200. However, if you want to explore more options, search for the best center channel speakers under $200 and shortlist the suitable options.


There are two types of center channel speakers; 2-way and 4-way. The two-way center channel speaker has reasonable power, therefore, it suits small home theaters.

However, if the room in which a little home theater is built is large, a 2-way speaker would not be enough. Therefore, select the type very carefully otherwise even a high-quality speaker would not be able to work up to your expectations.

Sound quality

The sound quality of the center channel speaker should be free from any flaws. It has to be super clear and crisp, the bass does not have to be that impressive. If the sound quality is not clear, crisp, and natural, how would you understand the movie lyrics without subtitles? Now the question is how would you judge the sound quality while placing an order online? The center channel speaker sounds clear and smooth as silk tweeters.

The metal ones are also not that bad, however, the speaker with silk tweeter has a better sound.

There is another way to know a little more about the sound quality of the speaker. You can read the reviews, a lot of reviews are usually paid. However, some reviews are honest as well. Read with undivided attention, you would surely know how well the speaker sounds.


It’s important to know that there are several speakers connected to the center channel speaker.

All of these speakers have to be compatible. Otherwise, you would neither be able to establish a connection between them nor get a clear crisp sound. Therefore, it’s super important to get the center channel speaker that is compatible with the rest of the speakers.

If you do not want to get into compatibility issues, purchase all the speakers from one brand. You would not have to face any compatibility at all, even if the speakers are purchased without any thorough investigation.

Configuration and power rating

The center channel speaker has to work well with the configuration ratio as well. The configuration ratio of your system can either be 3:1, 5:1, 6:1, or 7:1. Know the configuration ratio to find a suitable speaker for your little home theater system.

The power rating of the center channel speaker has to be good. Otherwise, the speaker would not be louder enough.

Generally, the center channel speaker available in the market has a 100 or 200-watt power rating. A 200-watt speaker is a good option, the 100-watt speaker would not be as loud.

Number and size of the driver

The size of the driver must not go unnoticed. It is because the size of the driver also determines how clear the sound of the speaker would be.

Most speakers under $200 have 2 or inch drivers, however, a few have 6-inch drivers as well. The bigger the size of the driver the better. Therefore, you have to try your best to get a speaker with a 6-inch driver. As far as the number of drivers is concerned, the more drivers the better.

Color, size, and design

If appearance matters to you, you have to judge the center channel speaker design. They usually do not come in a variety of colors, therefore, you would have to settle on black color. Size should be picked up very carefully.

It is because many speakers are connected to the home theater system. Therefore, if all of them are overwhelmingly big, the home theater would look crowded.

Most of the newest models are usually small in size, you would not have much difficulty finding a compact speaker for the job.

Frequency response

The frequency response should also be checked. A center channel speaker with a frequency response of 20 to 25,000 HZ is ideal for all sorts of jobs. It allows you to hear all kinds of details in the music and movie lyrics.

Mounting type

Lastly, you have to figure out how the center channel speaker would be mounted. There are ceiling and wall-mountable center channel speakers. The wall-mountable center channel speakers are better, they allow you to hear movie lyrics better than the other case.

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