Audioengine A5+Wireless Review

Are you searching for a Bluetooth bookshelf speaker for under $500? You must have found an Audioengine A5+ plus wireless speaker. The speaker is known to be Audioengine’s best-selling and has several positive reviews.

However, whether it’s “actually” worth it or not can only be told by a person who has used it. Like every ordinary human, I bought the speaker by reading and believing the product description and the reviews. Here is what I have to say after months of using these speakers.

First impression

These speakers arrived earlier than I expected to be honest. I was a bit happy and annoyed at the same time with the packaging.

The speakers were packaged with layers and layers of cardboard, foam, and plastic. The company might have done so to deliver the speakers safely and sound to the customer. I was fine with the layers of foam and cardboard but not with the plastic. It’s no secret that plastic contributes to global warming.

It never decomposes and even releases harmful chemicals. If the company stops adding plastic to the packaging, I would be very happy.

As soon as the layers of cardboard, plastic, and foam were removed, and the speaker was exposed, I was again a bit unhappy as they do not have the matt finish. However, the rest is good.

The speakers are solid and neither big nor so small but quite heavy. I had to take my partner’s help to take them out of the box safely.

What I must not forget to mention here is that the speaker arrived with all the accessories.

The package also included a speaker wire, power supply cord, mini-jack audio cable, RCA cable, aluminum remote control, and speaker and cable bags.

Most speakers do not come with RCA cable and speaker and cable bags. The number of accessories that came with the speaker also put a smile on my face.

Even before setting them up, I tried to place them on my table to see how much space they require. I was quite surprised as my table still has plenty of space for me to work on.

If I have to sum up my first expression in a few words, my first impression was not that bad and I’m pretty sure your impression would also be good.


The speakers do not appear very unique and modern. The design is rather classic with well-rounded edges.

I give the design of the speaker 8/10. The speaker also comes with a remote. I was and I still am more impressed with the quality of the remote. So far, I have not found any other speaker’s remote that is solidly built.

Sound quality

I have to admit here that the sound quality of these $499 speakers is much more improved than the other speakers of the same price.

The sound produced by the speakers is rich, full, and clear. However, the bass is not that impressive but that’s not a big problem, right? You can add a subwoofer and get the bass problem fixed. You do not need a high-end subwoofer to improve the bass, an entry-level woofer would be more than enough.

It’s important to know that the speakers require some time to break in or produce top-notch sound.

No one told me that, it took me a while to understand that these speakers require a little time to give a top-notch performance. So, do not expect the speakers to perform well immediately after setting them up. Give them some time, the sound will get clearer, warmer, and full with time.


You will be pretty surprised to know that the company offers you wired and wireless options. I got the wireless speakers which are slightly more expensive than wired ones.

You do not need any wires to connect them to any device at all. Above all, there is also no need to place the speaker on the same table to play music loud.

To be honest, when I was searching for a budget-friendly speaker I had lost faith that a Bluetooth bookshelf speaker can be found for under $500. However, my faith was restored when I found these speakers.


Like most bookshelf speakers, these speakers work best with many devices. I have so far connected them to my PC, tablet, and laptop. It worked quite well.

The company claims that they can be connected to any device with Bluetooth mini jack and RCA cable. If it’s being claimed by the manufacturer it would have been right.


My needs at the moment are limited to the PC, tablet, and laptop so I can only inform you about them.

If in the future I ever get a chance to try these speakers with some other devices, I will surely update here.


The speakers deliver top-notch performance. I have been using them for more than four months. So, far I have not noticed any issues except overheating. The speakers get overheated if you keep them on for about 5 to 6 hours.

Someone suggested me to use aluminum tape on the back of the speaker. It worked for me. The overheating issue is pretty resolved. So, I would say I’m satisfied with the performance.


Even though these speakers are perfect in terms of sound and performance yet I would not recommend them for professional purposes.

The speakers are made for a home music system and home theater. Therefore, they are only good for these purposes.

If you try to use them for any other purpose, you might not find them as useful as you would for a home music system and home theater.


The speakers are pretty reasonable. It’s pretty hard to find a speaker with Bluetooth and a perfect sound at such an amazing price.

The wired version is being sold at $399 and the wireless at $499. The wireless version is super budget-friendly. There are some other Audioengine Bluetooth bookshelf speakers, they are also not that expensive either.

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