Our group is dedicated to audio and sound devices. A lot of information is available about speakers, soundbars, and other devices, but there is not much information about how to set them up and how to test them. Speaker Wisdom’s primary purpose was to cover this space and provide users with the best possible information.

At Speaker Wisdom , we cover product reviews to informational content. We test products and write reviews based on the results. Testing includes

  • Connectivity testing: We test Bluetooth and wifi speakers to see how they connect to modern versions. Frequency tests are conducted using deep sub-bass tones. To check deep low-end reproduction, the Speaker Wisdom team uses different bass tracks.
  • Testing with Genres: Old Music genre lacks usually new models. So here we test with different frequency ranges.
  • User Experience: Besides engineering tests, our team collects data from different users. It includes comfort and bass testing from common users.

Speaker Wisdom Team

Our team includes audio engineers, writers, and a marketing team. Here is how we are moving with our team.

cian healy

Cian has 7 years of experience in the musical instruments industry. His press and research articles are published in many well-known journals. Cian is part of our product testing team so he knows the criteria for the best products. Here at Speaker Wisdom cian covers how to set up instruments and selection criteria for new products.

Eda has 3 years of experience in home theater and cinema sound system setup. She has a practical portfolio of many sound instruments. Our criteria for the sound system and product testing are reviewed by ida.

Neil is part of the products testing team. On Speaker Wisdom , he answers how and informational queries. Neil has good experience in movies and theater-related articles. He is currently working with sound engineers and ida even in many well-known theaters.

He is part of our marketing and technical setup team. His role is to answer marketing-related queries and arrange topic delivery for the website. He also heads the writing and developers team to make sure users are happy to get valuable information.